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Using Silicone Render and Paint Indoors

The long winter months with cold temperatures probably have you questioning: what can you do internally with EWI Store’s products? With our range’s vast scope and versatility, you can renovate much of your home. The products can also supply some fantastic benefits to areas susceptible to problems like dampness.

Why work internally?

Inclement weather is always detrimental to working on the exterior façade. We have recently written a blog about tips for rendering in the rain, but what if you don’t want to go through all the hassle? Working internally with our products is much simpler! The conditions for application are very stable, and drying times are optimal. You won’t need to check the forecast or wait for a little bit of sun to come out.

What can you do internally with the Ultimate Leveller?

The Ultimate Leveller Self-Levelling Compound is specifically designed for internal installations. It is suitable for residential and commercial properties such as homes, offices, public buildings and other places exposed to similar loads. EWI-250 self-levelling compound is also ideal for basic surface levelling, including cement, concrete, load-bearing anhydrite screed, and more. Machine and manual application is an option. Check out the video below for the Ultimate Leveller in action, and visit our YouTube channel for other great content!


Silicone Render and Silicone Paint indoors

The primary benefit of our silicone-based products is that they are completely hydrophobic. As a result, rooms susceptible to damp and water vapour will benefit greatly from silicone paint and render. The beauty of our range of renders and paints is that they are through-coloured, and can be tinted to thousands of colours. The Premium Bio range of paints and renders is also resistant to algae growth. This is another benefit of preventing any potential growth of biological substances in the home. Both products will improve the aesthetic of your internal walls. Renders also offer some mechanical resistance, so your walls should be more protected. This does not fully answer the question of ‘what can you do internally?’.

Brick slips

The EWI Store Brick Slips realistically mimic the appearance of traditional brickwork whilst injecting modern elements into their design. They suit the tastes of both traditional and modern designers. The installation has the DIYer in mind, with certain colours coming with solid joints, eliminating the need for even spacing; they simply stack on top of each other! The joints essentially turn brick slips into adult Lego. You start from the bottom and stack them on top of each other to form the whole internal façade. They can be used throughout your property, or just on certain feature walls to make striking design statements. Brick slips have become increasingly popular as they are incredibly lightweight and very low maintenance, all whilst sacrificing none of the charm.

At EWI Store, we offer seven variations of brick slips, which gives our customers an incredibly diverse range of options. The simplicity of this brick slip solution is one of its most significant selling points. The Brick Slip system has only two components – the brick slip and the adhesive, which also acts as the grout.

Elastolith Brick Slips Alaska
Feature wall in Alaska brick slips

How to use sealants internally

Silicone sealants have long been the solution to sealing joints in various areas of the household. Sills and verge trims can be sealed with silicone sealant, but despite the weatherproof guarantees, it’s far better to use UPVC verge trims that tuck behind insulation and beading to create a waterproof seal.

Silicone sealants are particularly useful for internal installation in bathrooms and other rooms that have water ingress and condensation. CT1 Silicone Adhesive offers a unique adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. It is a special hybrid polymer that provides ease of use for many circumstances; for example, it can be applied in wet or dry conditions to different materials without needing additional fixings. Something that separates CT1 from bathroom installations is the fact that it’s anti-fungal. Bacterial and fungal growth in high-condensation environments is always an issue; therefore, an anti-fungal sealant will prevent this. Most importantly, for internal works, the CT1 silicone adhesive comes in 5 colour variations, so you can retain the aesthetic finish you want.

What can you do internally with our tile adhesive?

Our partnership with ProFlex allows us to stock their Rapid Set and Standard Set Tile Adhesives. They are both extremely versatile products, perfect for use with ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass, mosaics, marble, travertine, granite, limestone, terracotta, quarry tiles, slate tiles, quartz and brick slips. They are also suitable for nearly all substrates, internally and externally. The tile adhesives are extremely hard-wearing, which means that they are suitable for areas where vibration or movement can occur.

What about Internal Wall Insulation?

Internal Wall Insulation is far less popular than EWI for a number of reasons. The process of installation is the same, and you can use the same materials as for EWI. However, there are several issues that crop up during the installation process:

  • Reduces floor area, given that application thickness needs to be around 100mm
  • It can be disruptive, whereas EWI does not affect the interior of your house
  • Requires skirting boards, door frames, and external fittings to be removed and reattached
  • Affects the possibility of hanging heavy items on walls
  • Problems with penetrating or rising dampness must be treated first

The major benefit of EWI over IWI is that external wall insulation does not allow the walls to get cold; rather, it acts as a heat store, maintaining the thermal mass. Internal wall insulation allows the cold to seep into the walls. EWI is also used to renovate the external façade of your property. The combination of an EWI and silicone render system also results in a waterproof envelope for the property.

The winter months should not dissuade you from using EWI Store products. The vast range and scope of our products allow you to work extensively internally. If you have any questions about these products, call our sales team!


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