FISCHER – DIPK-8-20-40 – Scrim Pin Fixing (70mm)

£40.00 Excl. VAT

  • Designed for Render-only systems
  • Glass fibre-reinforced plastic nail reduces thermal bridging
  • Hammer set installation saves time
  • Efficient low-setting depth reduces the amount of drilling

FISCHER – DIPK-8-20-40 – Scrim Pin Fixing (70mm)

The FISCHER – DIPK-8-20-40 – Scrim Pin Fixing (70mm) consists of a white anchor sleeve with an integrated plate and a glass-fibre reinforced plastic nail. The DIPK 8 is set using a hammer. Driving in the nail causes the anchor shaft to expand in the building material. The GRP nail needs to be shortened at the tapered, predetermined breaking point when used in solid building materials. The Fischer drive anchor DIPK 8 is ideal for helping to tie render-only systems to a substrate.

Intended Use

For use of suitable building materials such as:

  • Concrete
  • Hollow blocks made from lightweight concrete
  • Vertically perforated brick
  • Perforated sand-lime brick
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Natural stone with dense structure
  • Solid brick

Technical Specifications

  • Requires an 8mm bit to drill holes prior to application
  • 70mm in length



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