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Movement Beads

Indeed, movement beads have many essential and fundamental features.

Above all, our movement beads aim to divide up large render pieces to ensure that the system remains stable. They are also ensuring that the system remains stable.

Additionally, crack-resistant and creates a permanent and weatherproof effect toward vertical movement joints. Click on our products down below to witness what EWI Store can do for you!

  • SALE

    10mm Render Movement Bead (2.5m)

    £5.98 Excl. VAT£7.48 Excl. VAT
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    6mm Render Movement Bead (2.5m)

    £5.59 Excl. VAT£6.99 Excl. VAT
  • SALE

    EWI- 66327 Movement Bead (2.5m)

    £18.56 Excl. VAT£23.20 Excl. VAT