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Samples and Catalogues

At EWI store we genuinely care about you and how our products can help your property upgrade journey. So, that`s why we have created a great selection of samples to pick.

First, EWI Pro Render Sample Chart is perfect for looking at actual render samples with a grained finish. This fantastic chart also has comprehensive colour ranges which will cater for any liking.

Render Colour Sample Sleeve is also one of our strong samples. This excellent sample allows you to understand how our silicone renders will look once completed. Check out our samples to have the ultimate idea of your final product.

We at EWI store have thought about it all for you, and this is visible with our Coloured Render Sample Pots. The Coloured Render Sample Pots are available to test the colours of our renders before purchase.


  • monocouche sample

    Monocouche render colour sample

    £4.99 Excl. VAT
  • EWI Pro Render Sample Chart

    £4.99 Excl. VAT
  • Render Colour Sample Sleeve

    From £3.99 Excl. VAT
  • Coloured Render Sample Pot – 600g

    From £4.35 Excl. VAT