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Insulation Boards

Insulation boards are an integral part of external wall insulation systems. Therefore, as EWI Store, we truly care about the safety and importance of your property. With this in mind, we have created the best insulation boards in the industry.

We have 4 impressive and high-quality insulation boards that are equally amazing for properties but differ in use.

First, if you are looking to upgrade the thermal characteristics, EPS Insulation is highly recommended.

K5 Kingspan External Wall Insulation Board is also one of our strong products. Not only is it premium, but it is great for saving space.

We at EWI Store have thought about it all for you. This is present with our Rockwool External Wall Dual Density Slab. This product is entirely non-combustible and more.

However, that is not all. XPS Insulation is our product that is also amazing with good moisture resistance and high strength.

Now, relax and add to the basket for the fun to begin.