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Regal & Barnes – Render Float (Trade Edition) – 3mm (280mm x 130mm)

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  • Lightweight but durableĀ 
  • Cork handle for extreme comfortĀ 
  • Prevents surfaceĀ discolourationĀ 
  • Ensures professional, excellent finish forĀ thin coatĀ renders

Regal & Barnes – Render Float (Trade Edition) – 3mm (280mm x 130mm)

The Regal & Barnes RenderĀ Float – 3mm is a lightweight but durable tool consisting of a uPVC base and a cork handle, ideal for rubbing up a thin-coat render. The uPVC base allows for smooth application and helps to prevent surface discolouration and the cork handle is easy to hold, ensuring extreme comfort. When used correctly, the Regal and Barnes Render Float creates a professional, excellent finish.Ā 

Regal and Barnes Trade Edition tools come with a lightweight cork handle grip. Cork is an extremely unique material; it is extremely low in density, allowing for the ultimate lightweight user experience. Cork provides a soft and comfortable grip as its lightweight properties reduce fatigue when using our tools forĀ extendedĀ periods.Ā Ā 


  • Work from east to west to ensure that the render does not dry out too fast in the sun before it has been rubbedĀ upĀ 
  • Use consistent, circular motions to rub up theĀ renderĀ 
  • Start from the top and work downwards.Ā 
  • Do not rub the render too aggressively; this may damage its overallĀ appearanceĀ 
  • Ensure that all workers are working theĀ floatĀ in the same direction to create a consistentĀ appearanceĀ 



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