Primers are an essential part of External Wall Insulation systems. Primers work by ensuring that your substrate is properly cleaned and prepared creating a suitable base layer before you apply Basecoats and Adhesives.

At EWI Store we provide a selection of different Primers that are suited to varying substrate needs. From our Universal Primer to our Fungicidal Wash, we supply whatever your project requires.

If you are unsure about any of the products that we stock, or if you would like any further information, do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

  • Universal Primer EWI-310
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    Universal Primer (EWI-310) – 20kg

    £57.17 Excl. VAT
  • Top Coat Primer (EWI-333)- 20kg

    From £65.81 Excl. VAT
  • Topcoat Primer (EWI-333) – 7kg

    From £23.99 Excl. VAT
  • Deep Penetrating Primer EWI-302
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    Deep Penetrating Primer (EWI-302) – 5 Litres

    £19.99 Excl. VAT
  • SALE Water Based Substrate Primer EWI-302
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    Water Based Substrate Primer (EWI-301) – 5 Litres

    £12.00 Excl. VAT£16.75 Excl. VAT
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    Mineral & Acrylic Primer (EWI-330) – 20kg

    £55.63 Excl. VAT
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    Mineral & Acrylic Primer (EWI-330) – 7kg

    £22.63 Excl. VAT£28.29 Excl. VAT
  • fungicidal wash
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    Everbuild – 404 Fungicidal Wash

    £6.55 Excl. VAT