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Broadfix Assorted Shims Packers (Tub of 150)


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  • Industrial-strength Assorted Shims Packers for levelling, shimming and packing. Contains flat shims, standard U shims, and snap wedges
  • Recycled plastic composition
  • Anti-shrink/swelling properties
  • U shims feature comb/clip for secure fixing attachment

Broadfix Assorted Shims Packers (Tub of 150)

Broadfix Assorted Shims Packers (Tub of 150) are a mixed tub of high-strength and durable construction products suitable for a variety of uses. This tub contains an assortment of flat shims, U shims, and precision wedges. They are ideal for levelling, spacing and packing. This way, you can easily make slight adjustments to a variety of household and commercial projects, without starting from scratch.

Plastic shims and packers are perfect for shimming behind screws. The Broadfix range of U Shims/Packers are composed of industrial-strength recycled plastic. This ensures they will not rot and are highly water-resistant. This means they are able to withstand high levels of compression, making them an advanced option compared to traditional packers on the market.

Broadfix Shims Packers Application

  • Compatible with many of our screws and fixings.
  • Simply select the correct size of fitting from the assortment of shims/packers. Select from U shims, flat shims, or precision wedges in various sizes.
  • Loosely install fixing, then slide the Shim(s) over the fixings and tighten.
  • Suitable for stacking.

Broadfix Shims Packers Properties

  • Colour coded by size for easy identification.
  • Assortment of flat shims, U shims, and precision wedges.
  • The Broadfix Assorted U Shims feature a unique clip design with combing. This ensures a non-slip attachment while fixings are secured.
  • Industrial strength, recycled plastic allows them to withstand high volume compressive loads (up to 25kN). Making them a more cost-effective option than timber packers.
  • High performance recycled plastic composition ensures they are completely waterproof, and will not shrink or swell.
  • Suitable for stacking.
  • Re-usable tub.

Technical Specification

Flat Shims (100mm x 28mm):

  • 15 pieces of Green (1mm); 15 pieces of Black (2mm); 15 pieces of White (3mm); 15 pieces of Grey (4mm); 15 pieces of Blue (5mm); 15 pieces of Red (6mm).

Standard U Shims (101mm x 43mm):

  • 15 pieces of Yellow (1mm); 15 pieces of Blue (3mm); 15 pieces of Brown (5mm).

Snap Wedges (200mm x 42mm):

  • > 1mm thickness: 5 x Brown; 5 x Green; 5 x White.

Product code: BAL150




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