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Everbuild Constructa-Pro Foam Adhesive


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  • High strength foam adhesive
  • Suitable for fixing insulation and plasterboard
  • Ideal for a range of substrates
  • Easy to use spray foam

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Everbuild Constructa-Pro Foam Adhesive

Constructa-Pro is a high-strength foam adhesive, designed for a range of applications. Constructa-Pro offers a strong adhesion to a range of substrates including stone, concrete, blocks, brick, insulation board, plasterboard, metal, wood and more.

Once cured, Constructa-Pro is rot-proof as well as moisture and temperature resistant. This product can be used as an adhesive for fixing lightweight insulation boards such as EPS, as well as plasterboard, skirting boards or as a mortar substitute.

Technical information

  • Colour: grey
  • Pack size: 750ml
  • Multipurpose adhesive foam
  • Temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C


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