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Everbuild – 404 Fungicidal Wash


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  • Effectively kills mould and other biological growth
  • Internal & external use
  • Creates a clean, anti-bacterial surface
  • Leaves a high-strength residual surface that inhibits future growth


Everbuild 404 Fungicidal Wash

The Everbuild 404 Fungicidal Wash is great when used prior to applying render or EWI systems. It effectively kills mould and other biological growth on internal and external walls, floors and ceilings. This product also works incredibly well to remove algae, lichen, green slime and fungal growth from patios and drives.

Once the Everbuild 404 fungicidal wash has been applied, it leaves a high-strength residual surface that inhibits future growth.

We highly recommend this product for cleaning the substrate prior to installation of any of our EWI systems. It creates a clean, anti-bacterial surface prior to application of our other EWI products, and protects your walls from biological growth.

Active Ingredients – Alkyl (C12-16) Dimethylbenzyl ammonium Chloride (0.99%w/w) 2-Phenylphenol. (0.25% w/w).

Product Specifications

Packaging – 5ltr plastic containers
Appearance / Colour – Clear solution
Shelf Life  – 24 months from date of manufacture when stored according to manufacturers instructions.
Storage Conditions – Store at moderate temperatures in original containers. PROTECT FROM FROST.
Density – 1.0 g/cm³ at 20°C


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