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Spiked Aeration Roller 41mm – 24cm

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  • Ideal for floor levelling screeds (cement or epoxy resin based)
  • Removes trapped air pockets
  • Metal handle with a plastic grip
  • 41mm
  • 24cm

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Spiked Aeration Roller

A Spiked aeration roller is commonly used in construction and painting applications. The roller consists of a cylindrical roller covered with small spikes extending from the roller’s surface.

Spiked aeration rollers are primarily used to remove trapped air from epoxy coatings, self-levelling compounds, and other liquid-based materials applied to concrete or other surfaces. When these materials are applied, air can become trapped within the mixture, leading to bubbles and other imperfections. Using a spiked roller helps release these air pockets by rolling over the material’s surface and allowing the air to escape through the small gaps between the spikes.

Spiked rollers can also be used to apply textured coatings and paints. The spikes on the roller can create a pattern or texture in the layer, which can help create a non-slip surface or add visual interest to a painted surface.

  • After use, ensure that you wash the spiked aeration roller clean of any material to extend the products lifetime.
  • Metal handle with plastic grip
  • 41mm – 24cm



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