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Self-Levelling Compound, Ultimate Leveller (EWI-250) x 40

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Sold as a pallet of 40 bags 

  • Used for internal flooring
  • Manual or Machine Application
  • Quick Set- 2 hours
  • Ideal for underfloor heating
  • Thickness 2-100mm
  • Provides the perfect substrate for ceramic tiles, synthetic floors, parquet flooring etc

Self-Levelling Compound, Ultimate Leveller (EWI-250) x 40

The Ultimate Leveller is a self-levelling compound used for internal flooring and is suitable for floors in homes, offices, public buildings and places exposed to similar loads. This product is very easy to utilise and ideal for basic surface levelling including: cement, concrete, load-bearing anhydrite screed, and more.

The EWI-250 Ultimate leveller comes in a 25kg dry bag ready to be mixed with water. Once dry, the ultimate leveller provides the perfect substrate for ceramic tiles, synthetic flooring, parquet flooring, etc.


Before application, determine the level to which the compound will be poured. The level of the compound can be determined by using notable benchmarks or benchmarks made by using embedded dowels with screws in the ground the heads can determine the level. This process will ensure consistency throughout the project.

It is recommended to start work at the wall furthest from the entrance. If you are working in a large room, it is suggested to separate smaller working fields with a width of 3-6 metres, depending on the speed of the pouring mass. After pouring, it should be immediately spread with a steel trowel and de-aired with a spiked roller.

If the layer is greater than 20mm, it is recommended to level the levelling compound with a metal bar in vibration movements. Then, pour out the mixture with a machine, use a dual mixing unit. Work without interruption until the entire floor area in the room is covered.

Application Conditions

Apply in temperatures above 5°C or below 25°C; this applies to air, groundwork, and product temperature. Do not apply to hot substrates, below 5°C or in direct sunlight. Such conditions must be maintained during the project and 24 hours after the ultimate leveller has been applied. 2 hours after application; you can stand on the substrate. Please note, we recommend testing the substrate first.

After 24 hours of applying the self-levelling compound, you can cover it with additional flooring materials. If more than 20mm is applied to the mixture, leave 1 additional day of drying for each extra 10mm of product.

Storage Conditions

Up to 6 months from the date of manufacture. Keep dry and in the original undamaged packaging.


For each 1mm thick layer of ultimate leveller, 1.5 kg of product will cover 1m².

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.       What is Fibreglass Mesh used for?

Fibreglass Mesh is embedded with the cement-based basecoat layer as this ensures the final render or solid wall insulation system is both strong (to withstand impact) and flexible to withstand natural building movements that occur during the different seasons.

  1.       What basecoat should I use with Fibreglass Mesh?

We recommend using EWI-225 Premium Basecoat as it has a high concentration of polymer-modified binders and synthetic fibres, delivering flexibility, higher crack resistance, and improved durability. However, other basecoats, such as EWI-222P Performance Basecoat and EWI-220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive, can be used with fibreglass mesh.

  1.       Does Fibreglass Mesh have any other uses?

Fibreglass Mesh can be used in areas that need additional strengthening to bridge cracks externally/internally or give extra strength to floor screeds and plastered ceilings.

  1.       How do you apply Fibreglass Mesh as part of the reinforcement layer?

Fibreglass Mesh is embedded into the basecoat in vertical strips using the flat edge of a notched trowel. Each vertical strip of fibreglass mesh should overlap its neighbouring vertical strip by approximately 10-15cm.

  1.       Do I need to use Fibreglass Mesh in my project?

Fibreglass Mesh is an integral component of render-only and external wall insulation systems. It allows the system to withstand impacts and natural building movements, reducing the risk of damage and hairline cracks.

Weight 25 kg

2 reviews for Self-Levelling Compound, Ultimate Leveller (EWI-250) x 40

  1. JonnnoP

    Good price. Did the job perfectly, very easy to work with ( even for a novice like me!). Did whole bottom floor of our house.

  2. Kev

    Goes through spray pump well. Goes off quick, but the fact it can go thick makes it great. Would recommend.

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