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Monocouche Render Colour Sample

Brand:EWI Pro

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EWI Pro-090 monocouche render colour sample sleeve is perfect for comparing our 6 colours, helping you decide the perfect colour for your property.

  • Natural, stone-like finish
  • Low maintenance finish
  • Flexible and crack-resistant
  • Compare our six monocouche colours

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Monocouche Render Colour Sample

EWI Pro presents it’s monocouche scratch render sample sleeve. Consisting of our 6 monocouche colours: Bright white, Cotton white, Cashew, Latte, Pebble and Portobello. This is a great way to see our monocouche colours in different lights and will help you decide the perfect colour for your property.

Our EWI Pro-090 Monocouche render achieves a natural stone-like appearance providing a long-lasting decorative finish.

About EWI Pro-090 Monocouche Render

The EWI-090 Monocouche Render is a high-performance cement-based, through-coloured scratch render. This decorative render has been designed with water-repellence, breathability, and durability in mind. The EWI-090 is used on both larger commercial or residential projects, and suitable for concrete, clay, block, and brick substrates.

Monocouche Scratch Render is a thick coat render that is applied in two passes. The material base is comprised of premium quality Portland cement, hydrated lime, polymers and modifying admixtures. This delivers enhanced adhesive properties, ensuring a flexible and crack-resistant finish is achieved.

The EWI-090 is a low maintenance product that achieves a natural stone-like appearance for a long-lasting decorative finish.

Product specifications:

  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Natural, stone-like finish
  • Enhanced adhesive properties, ensuring a flexible and crack-resistant finish is achieved.



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