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EWI Pro – Metal Hammer Fixing – 8mm

Brand:EWI Pro

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  • An 8mm hammer-in fixing featuring a metal pin encased in plastic, designed for securing EWI/ETICS thermal insulation
  • The metal pin is coated with plastic to stop thermal bridges from forming
  • Installation is expedited through the use of the minimal required anchoring zone
  • The plate boasts exceptional stiffness, rated at 1.0kN/mm
  • Offers options for either surface or flush mounting

EWI Pro – Metal Hammer Fixing – 8mm

The EWI Pro – Metal Hammer Fixing is a versatile fixing suitable for use in all types of substrates. It boasts an 8mm diameter and a concise anchoring zone (ABCD: 25mm, E: 45mm), resulting in superior strength characteristics and a notably quicker installation process.

Intended Uses

The EWI Pro – Metal Hammer Fixings are used to fix insulation boards to substrates ABCDE and feature a plastic-coated metal pin, designed to inhibit the development of thermal bridges.

These mechanical fixings are suitable for concrete, brick and other blockwork. If in doubt about the suitability of the substrate, it is recommended a pull test is carried out to ensure it is strong enough to support an EWI system. The fixings can be used with EPS, XPS, and Mineral Wool insulation boards.

Sizing and Quantities

  • 8mm x 75mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 8mm x 95mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 8mm x 115mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 8mm x 135mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 8mm x 155mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 8mm x 175mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 8mm x 195mm (100 fixings per box)


  1. Drill a hole directly perpendicular to the surface of the substrate and clear it out.
  2. Create a countersink recess with a router/cutter for the assembly.
  3. Position the connector in the hole, ensuring the anchor plate is level with the EWI/ETICS indented layer.
  4. Install the connector pin by striking it with a hammer.
  5. Insert a thermo dowel cap.
  6. Ensure the fixing is correctly positioned and sealed.



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