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Silicone Render (EWI-075) โ€“ 25KG

Brand:EWI Pro
(12 customer reviews)

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  • Our best-selling render
  • Weatherproof and Frost-proof
  • Hydrophobic (self-cleaning)
  • Available in thousands of colours

Disclaimer: Render colours may appear differently on-screen compared to real life. Therefore, we always recommend that you order a colour sample before making a final decision.

EWI-075 Silicone Render

EWI-075 Silicone Render is one of our most popular Silicone Render products. This polymer modified, ready-to-use render is normally applied externally to produce a decorative finish on buildings. The render is suitable for use on brick, concrete, render carrier boards, traditional plasters, gypsum substrates and on external wall insulation systems.

EWI Pro Silicone Render is highly breathable. This makes it ideal for application on external wall insulation systems where breathable insulants have been used. For example, Mineral Wool or Wood Fibre insulation.

The Render is also flexible, meaning you can apply it as part of a render-only system (i.e. no insulation). Unlike thicker sand and cement or monocouche renders, our Silicone Render provides a robust, long-lasting decorative finish that is unlikely to crack over time.

EWI-075 Silicone Render is available in thousands of different colours (e.g. RAL or NCS colours). If the colour you are looking for is not displayed above, please call us on 0203 0340022.

You can achieve a range of finishes from the following render grain sizes: 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. The 0.5mm grain will give your property a smoother look whereas going for our 3mm grain will give a more textured look.

Please note: We do not accept returns on tinted products because our tinted renders are made-to-order. Renders that have not been tinted can be returned as per our normal T&Cs.

On receipt of your tinted render, please ensure the colour is as expected before application. We recommend buying one of our render samples before purchasing to ensure you are 100% happy with your chosen colour.

Colours from different batches may vary slightly. To avoid an uneven finish, mix tubs before application.


EWI Pro Silicone Render is a ready-to-use render. This means that no water is needed and you can use it straight out of the bucket. However, we recommend mixing the render before use to ensure an even distribution of the colour pigments. Always check that the colour of the render matches your order before application.

To apply EWI-075 Silicone Render, use a trowel for initial application onto the substrate, then a plastic float to create the desired texture. Remember that this is a thin-coat silicone render system, so the thickness of the render should match the selected grain size of the render.

The Silicone Render is not applied directly on to a substrate (e.g. brick) โ€“ instead, it must sit on a EWI Pro Basecoat layer (e.g. EWI Pro Premium Basecoat EWI-225) with embedded mesh.

Our Silicone Render comes in a 25kg bucket and is ready for immediate application. However, before application, we recommend that you mix the bucket with a paddle mix. This ensures that colour pigments are evenly distributed.

You can then apply a very thin layer of Silicone Render to the basecoat. You should ensure the grain size of the render matches the thickness of the render layer. For example, if you decided to install 1.5mm Silicone Render, then that layer should be just 1.5mm thick. The total thickness of the basecoat and render should be approximately 8mm as the basecoat layer is around 4-7mm (depending on the selected basecoat).

Application Specifics

When installing EWI Pro Silicone thin coat Render on a building, it is important to ensure there are enough applicators on-site to be able to apply the render to one entire elevation. This step is important because the render can go off very quickly (especially during summer months). To achieve a consistent finish, you can rub up the render quickly. Likewise, if you try and render just a small area of one elevation, then when you try to finish this elevation there will be scarring where the render sections meet.

Silicone Render Storage

EWI Pro Silicone Render comes ready to use in a 25kg plastic tub. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and mix regularly. EWI Pro Silicone Render should be used within 1 year of the production date (as printed on the bucket).

Silicone Render Coverage Rates

  • 0.5mm โ€“1.6kg/mยฒ. One bucket should cover 16โ€“20mยฒ
  • 1.0mm โ€“ 1.9kg/mยฒ. One bucket should cover 12โ€“13mยฒ
  • 1.5mm โ€“ 2.4kg/mยฒ. One bucket should cover 9โ€“10mยฒ
  • 2.0mm โ€“ 3.4kg/mยฒ. One bucket should cover 6-8mยฒ
  • 3.0mm โ€“ 5.0kg/mยฒ. One bucket should cover 5-6mยฒ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ย  ย  ย  What colours can I choose from for Silicone Render?

You can choose from any of our standard colours. We can also tint Silicone Render to any RAL, NCS, or Pantone colours resulting in thousands of colour choices.

  1. ย  ย  ย  What grain sizes can you choose from?

For EWI-075, you can choose from 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3mm. For EWI-076, you can choose from 1 and 1.5mm. For EWI-40 and EWI-077, you can only choose 1.5mm. However, we can cater to special requests, but this will result in a longer lead time.

  1. ย  ย  ย  Are all your Silicone Renders breathable?

Yes, all our Silicone Renders are highly breathable. This makes it ideal for application on external wall insulation systems where breathable insulants have been used. For example, Mineral Wool or Wood Fibre insulation.

  1. ย  ย  ย  Is Silicone Render ready to use?

Yes, Silicone Render buckets are ready for immediate application; however, we recommend that you mix the bucket with a paddle mix as this ensures that colour pigments are evenly distributed.

  1. ย  ย  ย  Can I paint over Silicone Render?

You can paint over all our Silicone Renders using either Silicone Paint or Premium Bio Paint.

Weight 25 kg

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12 reviews for Silicone Render (EWI-075) โ€“ 25KG

  1. Shaun Peel

    We used this in early Feb on the end of my house to test it. The render was easy to use (if you are familiar with thin coat renders) and we were happy with the price. Arrived coloured promptly to our house. Would recommend.

  2. Diesel

    Good gear, but pretty pricey. Goes on like a charm and rubs up spot on.

  3. Seb Bocsher

    got 13m2 of 1.5mm bucket! Excellent quality render. Easy to rub up.

  4. Chester Lewis

    Arrived on time. We installed the silicone render on top of basecoat and mesh and render boards. Customer happy and we’re happy.

  5. SimonG

    Ordered 4 buckets of linen coloured render on Wednesday morning and arrived Thursday. Very efficient!!!!

  6. David

    Really good product and easily pleases everyone – clients love the 1.5mm grain size.

  7. Emily Lipscomb

    Builder applied this silicone render to cover old cracked render. Wall looks nice and smart now – hopefully for the long term!

  8. Shalim Khan

    My house has been transformed from old pebbledash to this sleek/smooth render. Makes the house look stunning. Very good product and simple to use

  9. Alana

    I recently had External Wall Insulation and Silicone render applied to my home. They used the EWI 075 Silicone render in the colour smoke and it looks fantastic!

  10. Gman

    Used to use Krend TC15 silicone but this in our experience rubs up better and you also save a few quid. Definitely recommend.

    • Alana

      Thank you so much for your comment! We appreciate this ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Pete Clayton

    Builder used on our end of terrace. Looks great. Would recommend.

  12. Alan Stewart

    Been using this gear for last 5 years and it always gives a great result. Drying times differ through the year as with any silicone render, so be careful to follow the instructions (when it is freezing it takes a lot longer to go off!). Worth also mentioning ewistore itself. really helpful staff if you are a newbie as I was once!

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