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Coloured Render Sample Pot – 600g

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Our Coloured Render Sample Pots are available purely as a means of testing the colours of our renders before purchase.

  • Available in 600g pots
  • In a default grain size of 1.5mm

Coloured Render Sample Pot

Our Coloured Render Sample pots contain 600g worth of thin coat render (1.5mm grain size) residue. Each pot comes pre-mixed in your selected colour. Our sample pots are intended to allow you to test the render colour on a small area of the property.  The render needs to dry and set (48-72 hours at least) to represent the actual colour. Do not form a judgement of the colour when the product has just been applied.

Product Details

The tubs contains a 600g sample of the Silicone Silicate Coloured Render. Does not contain ammonia or organic solvents. This product is available for your use as a colour tester. It is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

Technical Specifications

  • Composition: based on water dispersion of silicone resins with mineral fillers and pigments.
  • Bulk density: approx. 1.84 g/cm3
  • Relative diffusion resistance (non-trowelled 3 mm thick layer): ≤ 0.13 m
  • Water absorption after 10 hours: ≤ 360 g/m²

Coloured Render Sample Pot Application

Application and setting temperature (air, substrate, materials): from +5°C to +25°C. Ensure the walls are clean and free from debris. Avoid applying render colour sample onto dusty or wet surfaces.

Grain size of sample pot: 1.5mm. Note: if you are going with 1.0mm or 2.0mm grain size, then the final colour may turn out to be lighter or darker due to the shading factors hitting the grains. The pigments within the coloured buckets will always be consistent.

Colours: selected colour range in the drop-down menu. Colour samples also available in the EWI Pro Insulation Systems colour chart.


Please Note: Our sample pots are non-returnable.


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