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Arch Beads

Flexible uPVC Arch Bead (2.5)

We, as EWI Store, distribute the best arch beads available in the industry. With arch beads that contain mesh or don`t, we have them all.

In addition, our beads are ideal for strengthening external walls with curved edges or arches. This bead is suitable for decorative plaster requirements in a thin coat and dry lining applications.

Above all, we have various sizes available, allowing you to create the perfect finish for your render system.

  • SALE

    Flexible uPVC Arch Bead (2.5)

    £3.19 Excl. VAT£3.99 Excl. VAT
  • Flexible uPVC Arch Bead with Mesh (2.5m)

    £5.15 Excl. VAT