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Mixpro 28 Rotor & Stator


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  • Rotor & Stator designed to fit the Mixpro 28
  • Flow-rate 200rpm 10 L/Min
  • Flow-rate 400rpm 16 L/Min
  • Max Grain Size – 3mm

Mixpro 28 Rotor & Stator

The Mixpro 28 Rotor & Stator is a volumetric pump that creates a positive displacement effect that moves fluid through the system in a continuous flow. Volumetric pumps are characterised by their ability to maintain a constant flow rate, regardless of changes in pressure or viscosity.

The rotor is the rotating part of the machine, which typically includes a shaft and a set of coils, magnets, or blades. On the other hand, the stator is the stationary part that surrounds the rotor. It contains electromagnetic or fluidic components that interact with the rotor to generate motion or flow.

Constructing the Rotor & Stator

You will need a vice, spanner and silicone spray.

  1. Place the stator in a vice and ensure that it is level and secure.
  2. Spray the rotor and the top end of the stator with silicone spray.
  3. Begin twisting the rotor into the stator using your hands.
  4. Insert a spanner into the drive of the rotor and turn it clockwise until the rotor is flush and in-line with the end of the stator.

Technical Data

Stator Length 270 mm
Stator Diameter 90 mm
Flow-rate 200rpm 10 L/Min
Flow-rate 400rpm 16 L/Min
Max Grain Size 3mm
Max Working Pressure 25 bar
Designed For Mixpro 28

Rotor & Stator, Rotor Only, Stator Only


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