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Elabrick Brick Slips – Blackpool


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  • Realistically mimics traditional brickwork
  • Lightweight, Acrylic brick slips
  • Internal/external use
  • Easy to install using Brick Slip Adhesive 

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Brick Slips – 1m² per box

Corner Brick Slips – 2 Linear metres per box

Elabrick Brick Slips – Blackpool

Elabrick Brick Slips strongly mimic the look of brickwork. Flexible and durable, these are ideal if you want to recreate brick features internally or externally. The brick slips are very lightweight and are incredibly easy to install, making them perfect for installing on top of external wall insulation systems.

The simplicity of this brick slip solution is one of its most significant selling points. The Elabrick Brick Slip system has only two components – the brick slip and the adhesive, which also acts as the grout. The brick slips come in a wide range of colours and textures. Additionally, we offer the adhesive in 4 different colours, so you can choose the perfect combination of brick slip and grout to match your requirements.

Elabrick Brick Slips are nearly entirely mineral-based and consist of a mixture of assorted quartz sands and a binding agent. The binding agent is a high-grade polymer dispersion and serves the role of clay in traditional brick. All the pigments used in the brick slips are resistant to UV, meaning they won’t fade over time when exposed to sunlight. Ensuring your facade looks as good 20 years later as it did the first day installed. Our Elabrick systems are incredibly impact-resistant, water repellent, and vapour permeable.


Use a notched trowel (4 mm) to spread the special brick slip adhesive to approximately 1sq.metre area. Used to embed the brick slips, you should also aim to have a layer of adhesive approximately 2mm thick. Then, fix the brick slips to the wall in a staggered formation (like standard brickwork) with a 10mm gap between vertical and horizontal bricks. Elabrick brick slips can be bent around corners with minimal fuss and cut with a sharp pair of scissors. Once the bricks are all installed, a 10mm brush can be used to ‘grout’ the brickwork. Ideally, wet the brush slightly and brush the grout to smooth it out.

The brick slips are available in 7 colours:

The Brick Slip Adhesive is available in a further 4 colours: Anthracite, Cement Grey, Light Grey and White


2 Linear Metres – Corner Brick Slips


Frequently Asked Questions

  1.     Can I apply Brick Slips myself?

Brick Slips are very simple to apply and can be installed by inexperienced individuals through easy-to-follow steps.

  1.     What do I need to apply Brick Slips?

You must measure the surface area you want to cover and purchase the appropriate quantities of Brick Slips, Brick Slip Adhesive/Grout and any additional extras, including EWI-260 Levelling Compound and a suitable EWI Pro Primer. 

The tools required are:

  • A 4-6mm notched trowel.
  • A sharp pair of scissors to cut the Brick Slips.
  • A 10mm brush for grouting.
  1.     What substrates can I apply Brick Slips on to?

Brick Slips can be applied to almost any substrate as long as the surface can take adhesive and is flat and level. The substrate can be levelled using EWI-260 Levelling Mortar and primed using a suitable EWI Pro Primer to ensure maximum adhesion.

  1.     Will my Brick Slips fade in the sun?

The pigments used in the Brick Slip production process are all UV resistant, meaning they won’t fade over time when exposed to sunlight. In addition to being UV resistant, our Brick Slips are impact-resistant, water-repellent, and vapour permeable.

  1.     How do I prevent my Brick Slips from falling off in the future?

To ensure a long-lasting life span of your Brick Slips, it is essential to prepare the substrate correctly, making sure the surface is flat and that it has been primed with a suitable primer. When installing the Brick Slips, ensure the adhesive/grout is 2mm thick and that the Brick Slip is firmly in place. Additionally, you must completely protect the Brick Slip system from the elements for a minimum of 3 days after installation (The time required depends on the temperature and air humidity).

Brick Slip Type

Brick Slip, Corner Brick Slip


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