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9” Paint roller tray

£0.88 Excl. VAT


EWI store blue plastic 9” paint roller tray ideal for any paint job. Designed with raised chevrons for even paint application.

  • Designed for use with 9-inch paint rollers
  • Easy cleaning
  • Made from robust plastic
  • Suitable for use with all paint types

9” Paint Roller Tray

EWI store trade basic blue plastic 9” paint roller tray is ideal to use with any medium paint roller. Pour your choice of paint and simply roll away any excess with the raised chevrons for even painting.

The medium sized 9” paint roller tray is excellent for holding large amounts of paint when working on a medium surface area. Due to the robust plastic used on the roller tray, it can easily be washed and cleaned in between different paint jobs. We also supply a roller tray insert for ease of cleaning and quick paint colour changes.


Our paint tray is great when purchased with our 9 inch paint roller handle and we supply multiple different paint roller heads to assist with any job.

Our 9-inch roller handle is ideal for you with any of our standard roller heads including our:

All our paint accessories are suitable when applying our EWI Silicone Paint

*Items sold separately


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