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WKRET-MET – Metal Pin Screw Fixing (WKR-WKTHERM-S-08)


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  • Screw fixing ideal for porous mineral substrates
  • Plastic outer case with metal screw rod
  • Reduces thermal bridging
  • Suitable for use with Mineral Wool

Please note:

  • Lengths 115, 135, 155, 175, 195mm are in-stock
  • Lengths 215, 255, 295mm are available as special orders. Please give us a call.

WKRET-MET – Metal Pin Screw Fixing

WKRET-MET – Metal Pin Screw Fixings (metal pin, plastic body) come in a variety of lengths to accommodate different thicknesses of insulation. The metal mechanical fixing is made from a metal screw with plastic bodies, reducing thermal bridging within the system. Screw the metallic rods in to give the system stability while reducing the impact on the system when fixing it in place.

These mechanical fixings have an 8mm-wide metal core. The lengths of fixings available are:

  • 115mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 135mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 155mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 175mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 195mm (200 fixings per box)

Available upon request, please give us a call!

  • 215mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 255mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 295mm (100 fixings per box)

Intended Uses

Use the Metal Pin Screw Fixings to fix the insulation boards to the substrates. With a metal rod and plastic body, they keep thermal bridging down to a minimum, meaning that the system maintains its insulating qualities.

These mechanical fixings are suitable for concrete, brick and other blockwork. If in doubt about the suitability of the substrate, it is recommended a pull test is carried out to ensure it is strong enough to support an EWI system.

Weight 2 kg

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