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Water Resistant Tarpaulin Sheet

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  • Available in: 2x3m, 3x4m, 4x6m, 6x8m, 8x10mm.
  • Water-resistant polyethylene tarpaulin
  • Reversible, green on one side, blue on the other
  • Easy to handle and easy to fold

Tough Master water-resistant tarpaulin protects your belongings and surfaces. This practical protective sheet is created from hard-wearing water-resistant polyethylene tarpaulin cloth woven, it has been triple laminated for added durability, resistance to water, mildew, tearing and protection against UV radiation.

Reinforced corners and rope reinforced edges resist tearing, even in windy conditions or with heavy loads. This rugged tarpaulin sheet has grommets along all 4 edges so that you can add a cord to secure the tarp around whatever it is that you’re trying to protect.

The water resistant tarpaulin sheet is available in a range of sizes: 2x3m, 3x4m, 4x6m, 6x8m, 8x10mm. With this great choice of sizes, you’re sure to find a water resistant tarpaulin to suit your needs.

Product Features

  • Durable fabric: This  tarpaulin is created from 90 grams of woven polyethylene fabric per square metre that’s a full 10×10 fibre strands per square inch. The triple laminated construction means that this water resistant tarpaulin is extra durable.
  • Added reinforcement: We reinforce the hemmed edges of the tarpaulin sheet with woven rope for added strength even in high stress applications. Extra-thick fabric sections are sewn at the corners of this protective sheet ensure added durability. The heat bonded edges have strong, rust and corrosion resistant aluminium grommets every 1 metre for easy, secure tie-downs.
  • Damage resistant: It’s created from water resistant polyethylene tarpaulin cloth that is also UV resistant, mildew, weather and tear resistant.
  • Versatile: For added versatility, this strong tarpaulin sheet is reversible: green on one side, blue on the other. This rugged tarpaulin sheet has grommets along all 4 edges for easy, secure tie downs.

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