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Everbuild Wonder Wipes

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Everbuild Wonder Wipes are an essential product to have on-site. Perfect for removing tough materials on hands and surfaces, these wipes contain a strong anti-bacterial agent that actively tackles contaminants to achieve a clean, fresh surface. These wipes are the premium choice for builders and installers, available in tubs of 100.


Everbuild Wonder Wipes

Everbuild Wonder Wipes are multi-use trade wipes, designed for cleaning hands, tools and surfaces. The Wonder Wipes contain a powerful anti-bacterial additive, the best product for killing bacteria in the workplace when there is no water on-site.

Despite the fact that the Wonder Wipes can easily remove a wide range of contaminants, they are gentle on the skin and are unlikely to cause irritation.

Wonder Wipes are suitable for use on a range of surfaces including: wet and semi-cured paint, sealant, adhesive, bitumen, expanding foam, oil, grease and silicone.


When opening a pack of the Everbuild Wonder Wipes, pull off the lid and open the closure. Find the starter wipe in the centre of the roll. Pull out approximately 1 foot of wipes and thread them through the lid, before replacing the lid and resealing the closure to maintain freshness.


We recommend always testing a small area prior to full application. When using Everbuild Wonder Wipes on spillages, use immediately for best results. Do not use these wipes on porous surfaces, such as untreated wood. It is recommended to avoid the use of these wipes on skin if you have sensitive or damaged skin.


Do not flush wipes down toilets.


Available in tubs of 100 wipes.

Safety Measures:

Avoid contact with eyes.

Avoid contact with skin for extended periods of time.


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