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Clip & Snip – Tile Levelling System | Snip Gun

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  • The Tile Levelling System | Snip Gun is used to produce a consistent and clean break within the strap, without damaging the tiles.
  • Pre-set tensioning
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Comes with a pressure attachment

Clip & Snip – Tile Levelling System | Snip Gun

The Clip & Snip – Tile Levelling System | Snip Gun is part of an innovative and ground-breaking system to replace the classic tile levelling systems!

The snip gun has a pre-set tension and is used to produce a consistent and clean break within the strap. When the attachment is connected, the snip gun will secure the clip to the tile using pressure. When the attachment is removed and once the adhesive is dry, the gun is used to detach the levelling system from the tile without damaging the tiles.

Why Clip & Snip?

Screw in levellers and levelling wedges are well established in the tiling industry. However, they present far more problems than they solve. Firstly, every single clip must be individually screwed down by hand and tightened as much as possible. This leads to problems if you have softer tiles, as the twisting motion can scratch the surface and the tiles can also crack under the pressure! Worst of all, you have to remove the clip, and the best way to do so is by whacking the whole contraption. This ends up enhancing the possibility of cracks in the tiles.

Fret no longer! EWI Store’s new ‘Clip & Snip’ Tile Levelling System solves many of these issues. The one-time use straps ensure a perfectly level tile system and provide a 1mm grout joint. The reusable levelling clips evenly distribute pressure without scratching or cracking the tiles. The snip gun produces a consistent and clean break within the strap and removes the levelling system from the tile, once the adhesive is dry, without damaging the tiles.


Firstly, cover your substrate in tile adhesive and lay down each tile, spacing out an appropriate amount of levelling straps evenly under the tile before placing the adjacent tile. The video below demonstrates this process.

Secondly, place tile levelling clips over each strap. The clips should fit over the straps and make an audible sound just like if you were to tighten a zip tie.

Thirdly, take your tile levelling system snip gun and remove the gun attachment from the holder located at the rear of the gun. Place the attachment onto the front, ensuring that it is secured properly. Guide the gun over the strap and clip, push down, and pull the gun trigger to tighten the clip into place. Part of the strap will be removed in the process. Repeat this for all remaining straps.

Finally, leave the tile adhesive to dry. Once set, remove the gun attachment and place back into the rear holder. Place the gun over the remaining part of the strap and pull trigger to release the entire levelling system from the tile.


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