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K5 Kingspan External Wall insulation Board (0.72m²)

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  • Size of boards: 1200 x 600mm
  • Part of the EWI Pro space-saving system
  • Premium performance rigid thermoset insulation
  • Suitable for use behind traditional lightweight polymer modified renders
  • Resistant to the passage of water vapour
  • Ideal for new-build and refurbishment
  • K5 insulation is sold per board (per 0.72m²)

Kingspan Kooltherm K5 External Wall Board

Kingspan Kooltherm K5 external wall board is a premium phenolic insulation board for external wall insulation systems. This product’s key feature is that it is great for saving space in your EWI installation. The insulation boards have a rigid phenolic core, which offers excellent thermal capabilities, and is ideal for use with our thin coat renders to create a highly effective insulation system.

Kingspan is part of the EWI Pro space-saving system. Kingspan Kooltherm K5 insulation board is ideal for applications where space is at a premium. For example, it is great for narrow passageways between buildings and under window sills that cannot be extended.

Kooltherm K5 external wall boards offer upgraded thermal performance to other insulation materials on the market. Therefore, they are ideal for maximising performance without sacrificing too much external space.

A further advantage of Kingspan K5 insulation is that it has high compressive strength and is therefore ideal for applications where there is a higher risk of mechanical impact. This is especially useful if your building/property has external walls that are close to public footpaths/roads.

Kingspan K5 insulation is made of high-quality phenolic foam. It is CFC and HCFC free, and has an ozone depletion potential of zero. Therefore, Kingspan’s environmental impact is very low for a foam insulation material. The boards should be installed using the EWI-225 Premium Basecoat for maximum structural stability, and then finished with a decorative thin coat render such as EWI-075. The result is a superior external insulation system with excellent thermal comfort for end-users.

Technical Specification

  • Composition: phenolic insulation core faced on both sides with glass tissue
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.020W/(m2K)
  • Reaction to Fire: Class 0 (B)
  • Size of boards: 1200 x 600mm
  • Thickness available: 20mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm
  • Weight: 12.6kg
  • Weight/m2: 1.75kg
  • R-value: 2.5W/(m2K)
  • Density: 35kg/m3
  • Water vapour resistivity: 300MN.s/g.m
  • Compressive strength: 120kPa


You should install Kooltherm K5 insulation boards in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. These should cover design and all aspects of the application of the insulation. We recommend fixing the boards to the substrate (masonry or timber) using our Premium Basecoat and metal screw mechanical fixings.

After fixing them to an external wall, the Kingspan K5 boards should be covered with an outer layer, either by the mortar basecoat or simply by a netting covering to protect from excessive heat, moisture and UV exposure. Then, you should apply a protective render topcoat. For further information, please download our full installation guide.

Kingspan Insulation Board Storage

Shelf life: please see the manufacturer’s date of expiry. Keep in a dry place, in the original packaging. Avoid excess heat or UV light exposure.

You can read more about the materials required for installing Kingspan Insulation Boards here. Alternatively, you can discover our tips for rendering with Kingspan.


20mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm

3 reviews for K5 Kingspan External Wall insulation Board (0.72m²)

  1. David Crumpler

    I Was torn between the Kingspan or the Rock wool, but I am very happy with my choice!

  2. Samuel Trossard

    So warm!

  3. Danny Goldsmith

    Best value in terms of warmth, can feel the savings already on my heating bill lol.

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