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ProFlex SP Tile Adhesive (Rapid Set) 20kg

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  • Rapid dry
  • Enhanced performance
  • Used on all substrates
  • Applicable to internal and external use

ProFlex SP Tile Adhesive (Rapid Set) 20kg

ProFlex SP is perfect for use with ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass, mosaics, marble, travertine, granite, limestone, terracotta, quarry tiles, slate tiles, quartz and brick slips. Please note that it is not suitable for resin backed tiles. Also, suitable for use on nearly all substrates, both internally and externally.

At EWI Store, we supply ProFlex SP, and we are proud to provide the rapid set tile adhesive. This fantastic product has many core features, from being composed as a single part to standard-setting to flexible adhesive.

In addition, suitable for wall and floor tiles. We recommend using this product for areas where slight vibration and/or movement can occur. Above all, specially designed in mind with extended workability, enhanced adhesion and flexibility.


Apply the adhesive to the required thickness (limits 3mm – 20mm) in areas up to 1m² at a time. Moreover, for internal walls, use a notched trowel to the following notch dimensions to provide solid rib lines:

  • Mosaic tiles: 3mm x 3mm at 6mm centres
  • General wall tiles: 5mm x 5mm at 10mm centres
  • General floor tiles: 8mm x 8mm at 16 mm centres

Also, for floors and external applications, we advise using the solid bed method.

Coverage Rates

  • 4.5kg / m² at 3mm Bed Thickness

Storage Conditions

  • Pot life: 60 Minutes at 20°C
  • Set time: 2.5 Hours at 20°C
  • Application Temperatures: 5°C to 25°C

Also, these conditions depend on temperatures, substrate and site conditions.




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