White Render Expansion Bead – 2.5m


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  • Prevent cracking where there are wide expanses of render
  • Impact-resistant
  • High-quality uPVC
  • Enables an easy and aesthetic finish

White Render Expansion Bead

White Render Expansion Beads are embedded vertically within the basecoat layer to help prevent cracking where there are wide expanses of render (typically over 12m).


  1. Apply a basecoat layer of render material over the substrate, you should use a notched trowel to achieve the desired thickness and texture.
  2. While the basecoat layer is still wet, press the expansion beads into the surface, and make sure you properly align and level them with the surrounding area. The beads should be embedded in the basecoat layer so that they are securely held in place.
  3. Remove the protective strip, then continue applying the basecoat layer, covering the expansion beads and ensuring that the surface is smooth and even.

The width of the expansion beads and the number of expansion beads used is dependent on your needs. The bead is suitable for a basecoat thickness of10-14 mm. The bead comes in 10mm & 14mm and is connected using the connecting pins provided.

Application Conditions

Do not use when the air temperature or surface temperature of the substrate is below +5°C or above +30°C. It is necessary to protect the bead from direct sunlight and weather effects.

Technical Specification

  • Material: Impact-resistant, UV and weatherproof PVC profile
  • Length: 2.5 metres
  • Available in 10mm & 14mm
  • Includes connecting pins



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