uPVC Render Corner Bead with Mesh and Nose (2.5m)


From £5.09 Excl. VAT

  • Provides protection around openings
  • Minimises cracks occurring around openings
  • Impact-resistant
  • Mesh wings and nose

uPVC Render Corner Bead with Mesh and Nose

This Render Corner Bead with Mesh and Nose is designed for thin coat render systems, specifically for 90° external corners.

Made of rigid PVC, it features a 90-degree angle and two fibreglass mesh ‘wings’ that integrate the bead into the render system.

While a nose is not typically necessary, as the bead is usually fully embedded in the basecoat layer, some installers prefer it for depth guidance.

The bead not only ensures precise 90-degree corners but also offers impact protection.

This corner bead is 2.5m long and has a 3 or 6mm nose.


3mm, 6mm


1, Pack of 20


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