Ivory Stop Bead – No Mesh


From £2.58 Excl. VAT

  • Ideal for monocouche render application
  • 2.5m long
  • uPVC finish to prevent corrosion
  • Reinforces the render edge

uPVC Ivory Stop Bead – No Mesh

uPVC Ivory Stop Bead – No Mesh is designed to offer both durability and a clean, professional finish.

Stop beads are a critical component in render-only and external wall insulation systems. They serve to reinforce structural weak points, ensuring the integrity of the entire system. Furthermore, their precise design aids in achieving sharp and clean edges, giving your project a polished appearance.

In addition to providing a neat finish, stop beads also allow for movement in the building materials. Buildings expand and contract due to temperature changes, moisture, and settling. Stop beads provide a flexible joint between the plaster and the adjacent materials, allowing them to move independently without cracking the plaster.

This bead is 2.5m long.


10mm, 14mm


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