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Aerogel Strip – 60mm x 2500mm x 10mm

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  • Ideal for timber of steel frame structures
  • Suitable for situations where cold bridging
  • Easy to fix with adhesive backing
  • Can be cut to your required size

Aerogel Strip – 60mm x 2500mm x 10mm

Aerogel Strips provides thin thermal bridge insulation for timber or steel frame structures and other applications where cold bridging is an issue.

Aerogel is composed of a gel-like structure in which the liquid component is replaced with gas, resulting in an extremely low-density material. This low density gives aerogel remarkable properties such as high thermal insulation, exceptional lightness, and effective sound absorption.

The strip has an adhesive backing, making it easy to fix and can be cut to size using scissors or a knife. We recommend that you re-seal the ends with tape after cutting is complete. You should wear Protective gloves and dust masks when handling the material and working space should be well ventilated.

Intended Uses

Aerogel strips are commonly used for thermal insulation in situations where space is limited or weight needs to be minimized. They have excellent insulating properties, preventing the transfer of heat and reducing thermal conductivity. This makes them useful in applications such as insulating pipes.

Due to their high thermal insulation capabilities, aerogel strips can contribute to improving energy efficiency in buildings and industrial settings. They can be used in windows, doors, or other building components to reduce heat transfer, thus decreasing heating and cooling energy requirements.

Technical Specification

Width: 60mm

Length: 2500mm

Depth: 10mm


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