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Broadfix Assorted Flat Shims Packers (Pack of 120)


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  • Industrial-strength Flat Shims Packers (120 pieces) for levelling, shimming and packing. Assorted thicknesses.
  • Recycled plastic composition
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-shrink/swelling properties

Broadfix Assorted Flat Shims Packers (Pack of 120)

The Assorted Broadfix Flat Shims Packers (Pack of 120) are a high-strength and durable construction product suitable for a variety of uses. They are ideal for levelling, spacing and packing the areas around doors and windows. This way, you can easily make slight adjustments to your work without starting from scratch.

Shims and Packers are perfect for shimming behind screws. The Broadfix range of flat Shims/Packers are composed of industrial strength recycled plastic. This ensures they will not rot and are highly water-resistant. They are able to withstand high levels of compression, making them an advanced option compared to traditional packers on the market.


  • Compatible with many of our screws and fixings.
  • Simply select the correct size of fitting from the assortment of flat packers.
  • Loosely install fixing, then slide the Flat Shim(s) over the fixings and tighten.
  • Suitable for a wide range of projects (DIY and commercial).


  • Colour coded by size for easy identification.
  • Industrial strength plastic allows them to withstand high volume compressive loads (up to 25kN). Making them a more cost-effective option than timber packers.
  • High performance recycled plastic composition ensures they are completely waterproof, and will not shrink or swell.

Technical Specifications

Green (20 pieces):

  • 100mm x 28mm x 1mm

Black (20 pieces):

  • 100mm x 28mm x 2mm

White (20 pieces):

  • 100mm x 28mm x 3mm

Grey (20 pieces):

  • 100mm x 28mm x 4mm

Blue (20 pieces):

  • 100mm x 28mm x 5mm

Red (20 pieces):

  • 100mm x 28mm x 6mm



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