Fibreglass Mesh is an essential component of our render systems. As demonstrated in the video below, Fibreglass Mesh is a key component of what holds the system together – without it, you’re seriously missing out on ensuring strength and stability.

Fibreglass Mesh is made of neatly woven fibreglass thread. This type of mesh is widely used in plastering and rendering for wall reinforcement, external wall insulation and roof waterproofing.

There are different grades of Fibreglass Mesh – at EWI Store, we offer our standard mesh or you can go for our high strength panzer mesh. Our alkali-resistant Fibreglass Mesh is commonly used for the purpose of external wall insulation, because the alkali protects it from being broken down by the chemicals in the other mortars and adhesive materials. 

So why is Fibreglass Mesh so integral to a EWI and render systems? What exactly does it do, and where does it go?

Fibreglass Mesh and External Wall Insulation

Fibreglass Mesh sits within the basecoat layer of an EWI system. This is the layer of adhesive mortar that is applied on top of the insulation boards after they have been secured to the substrate; the mesh is embedded within this adhesive before it sets. 

Fibreglass Mesh not only offers high strength and good cohesion, but it can also prevent cracking within the render – it also works to help hold the insulation boards together. 

Why do we overlap Fibreglass Mesh?

During weather and temperature changes, the external walls of your home expand and contract minutely due to the heating and cooling processes. When installing a render system on a property, it’s necessary to consider this wall movement in order to ensure that the system remains crack free. 

Embedding Fibreglass Mesh within this layer enhances crack-resistance and overlapping the Fibreglass Mesh increases the flexibility of the whole system and ensures that cracks do not form where there are gaps between the mesh.

Watch the video below to see how we test the strength of our Silicone render system with and without mesh!

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