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Monocouche Render Vs. One Coat Render

Monocouche Render

Monocouche render is a decorative, polymer-modified render that can be applied by hand or spray machine to reach a total thickness of 19mm. Monocouche render is through-coloured, which means that the actual mixture in the bag is in your chosen colour – no need to paint afterwards to achieve a coloured finish.

Monocouche render is a dry-mix render, so it requires mixing with water prior to application. It’s then applied to the substrate, and a Fibreglass Mesh is embedded within it to enhance the crack-resistance and tensile strength of the render. Monocouche is applied in two passes, and once the render has begun to set it is scratched back with a scratch float to achieve a dappled texture effect.

Because this is a through-coloured render, it is virtually maintenance free and due to the fact that it is applied in one go, it has a relatively quick application time compared to our thin coat renders where you have to wait for the basecoat to go off before you can render.

One Coat Render

One Coat Render (OCR) is a cement-lime render, applied in one pass at a thickness of 5-15mm to achieve a smooth flat surface on external walls. OCR is not a through-coloured render in the same way that our Monocouche render is, in fact, it requires painting afterwards with a Silicone Paint or other masonry paint to achieve a decorative finish. Unlike the Monocouche, this render isn’t scratched back to achieve a textured surface – the OCR achieves a different look to the natural, chalky finish of the Monocouche render.

The main appeal of using the One Coat Render is how quickly and effectively you can achieve a smooth finish. It’s applied in one coat directly onto the substrate, and Fibreglass Mesh is embedded within it to enhance tensile strength. Once the OCR has gone off, the paint finish is applied; although you can choose to apply a decorative render on top if you wish.

Key differences:

  • Monocouche is through-coloured
  • It is polymer-modified
  • It is scratched back to achieve a textured effect
  • OCR requires painting to achieve a coloured finish
  • It is mostly used to create a smooth surface
  • Both are sold pre-mixed in 25kg bags

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