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What Size Bead Do I Need For a Thick Coat Render?

Choosing the correct beads is essential to ensuring that your render system looks crisp and sharp at every angle, while also remaining impact resistant and structurally sound. 

We’ve put together a list of beads that are ideal for use with thick coat renders such as the Enewall Scratch Render, which is a monocouche that is designed to be applied in two passes.

Corner Bead Without Mesh

Our corner beads are available with or without mesh. The key difference between the two is that typically you’d use a corner bead without mesh for scratch renders and thick coat renders. The corner bead below is available with a 6mm, 11mm or 14mm nose depending upon the thickness that you’ll be applying the render at.

The main point of the corner bead is to get a crisp edge at 90-degree angles. This can be particularly tricky when applying really thick renders.

Bellcast Bead

The bellcast bead is designed to create a clean, reinforced line where the render finishes. It can also be used at the bottom of the wall to provide a drip, which directs water away from where the render finishes. This lessens the risk of water penetration and helps to keep the render at the bottom of the wall clean and damp-free.

Bellcast bead is great for two-coat renders, as it’s available in 11mm. Once embedded into the first pass of the two-coat render, the bead will help to create a nice sharp edge at the bottom of the wall.


Render Movement Bead

Render movement bead is ideal for use where you have a large expanse of render (over 12m). It is used for render only systems and is installed vertically along the wall to prevent the render from cracking. Essentially it enhances the tensile strength of the render system. 

Render movement bead should be embedded within the first pass of the render.

Blue Fibreglass Mesh

Although this isn’t technically a bead, we’ll give it a mention because it’s great for thick coat render systems. Blue Fibreglass Mesh offers a wider mesh weave which is fantastic at enhancing the tensile strength of a thick coat render system. As we know, thick coat renders may look great but they are less flexible than thin coat renders, which means that it’s harder to make sure that you don’t get hairline cracks. 

Embedding a Blue Fibreglass Mesh within your thick coat render will massively help to ensure that your render finish remains crack-free for years to come. We can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for extra stability.

Those are just a few of the beads that we offer for thick coat render systems. If you’re looking for a bit more information about what beads should be used where give our technical team a call!

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