You may have had your Silicone Render for a good few years now and by this time it might need to be freshened up. A lot of people ask us how exactly they can make sure that their render stays fresher for longer, or indeed how they can maintain it a few years down the line. Gentle cleaning using a jet wash is perfect for every couple of years, but for those houses that are prone to becoming dirty, you may need to repaint.

With Silicone Render, you’ll find that it requires cleaning and painting much less regularly than your bog-standard sand and cement, but although it’s self-cleaning, this doesn’t mean that it’s totally immune to dirt and grime. How well your render maintains a clean finish completely depends upon the property itself, i.e. if you live next to a very busy road you’ll find that the Silicone Render gets dirty much more quickly. 

What Type of Paint do I use on Silicone Render?

Because Silicone Render is a specialist, breathable render product, you may be wondering whether your standard masonry paint is suitable for applying on top.

You can use masonry paint on the Silicone Render, however, we always recommend that you ensure it is breathable. We offer a Silicone Paint manufactured by EWI Pro which is ideal for application onto a Silicone Render. Because Silicone Render is breathable, putting a non-breathable paint on top would completely nullify its ability to allow water vapour to pass through its surface. 

The best part about the Silicone Paint is that it comes as a standard white, but we can tint it to match your existing render. This way you’ll be updating the look of the whole property with its fresh new appearance. 

How to Apply Silicone Paint onto Silicone Render

Before you start to apply your Silicone Paint onto your render, there are a few preparatory steps that you need to carry out. First, you’ll need to jetwash the render to get rid of any heavy dirt and grime. If the walls have been painted previously, you’ll need to remove any flaking paint using either the pressure washer or the wire brush. 

Silicone Render is incredibly flexible and therefore unlikely to crack, but if there are any minor cracks these need to be filled. Be sure to apply tape to areas that need protecting from the paint, such as window and door frames. 

We recommend applying the paint using a standard brush and roller, starting at the top and working your way downwards so that you can catch any drips and runs. Silicone Paint can be applied in multiple coats, so once the first is dry (after about 12 hours) you can go over it again with as many coats as necessary. Do be aware that if your render has a finer grain size this will become less visible the more coats of Silicone Paint you apply.

 If you’re looking for a complete guide to maintaining your render finish, check out our blog post ‘how do I look after my render finish?’.


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