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Can You Paint Over Silicone Render?

Have you had your Silicone Render for quite some time now or fancy a colour change? If so, you might be wondering how best to give it a little refresh. Here at EWI Store, we’re often asked how Silicone Render can be maintained to continue to exude a stand-out finish.

Although Silicone Render has advanced self-cleaning properties, that doesn’t mean that it’s not completely susceptible to gathering dirt over time. To solve such, a gentle clean with a jet wash is perfect now and then.

Houses that are likely to become dirty more easily – those on busy roads or in highly-vegetated areas – may need to be painted over.

That said, you might be wondering whether you can use standard masonry paint on top of Silicone Render. The simple answer is, while no one can stop you from doing so, it is highly recommended to use Silicone Paint instead. Keep reading to find out why.

Why use Silicone Paint on top of Silicone Render?

Silicone Render is a specialist, breathable render ideal for application on external wall insulation systems where a breathable insulant, such as Mineral Wool, is being used. Therefore, you technically can use standard masonry paint on top of Silicone Render. However, we recommend that you use Silicone Paint because it is also highly breathable.

A standard masonry paint might not have such breathable properties. Which would completely nullify the render system’s ability to allow water vapour to pass through its surface. A breathable Silicone Paint would work with the Silicone Render to continue to offer optimum performance.

The best thing about our Silicone Paint is that it is available in thousands of colours. If your current render system is coloured and you’re afraid that you won’t find a colour to match, never fear – our Silicone Paints can be tinted to absolutely any shade! That way, not only will the Silicone Paint still cater to your taste, but it will also freshen up the entire façade of the property and extend its lifespan.

How to apply Silicone Paint onto Silicone Render

Before you apply Silicone Paint to your render, take a few preparatory steps to ensure a flawless finish. First, you’ll need to clear the render of any dirt or grime. If the walls have been painted previously, you’ll need to remove any flaking paint using either a jet washer or a wire brush. Also, apply tape to areas that need protection from the paint, such as window and door frames.

Silicone Render is incredibly flexible and therefore highly unlikely to crack. However, if you notice any minor cracks, these too need to be filled.

We recommend applying the paint using a standard brush and roller. Starting at the top and working your way downwards to catch the paint as it drips and runs. Silicone Paint can be applied in multiple coats. Once the first is dry (after about 12 hours), you can go over it with as many coats as desired. However, beware that – if your render has a finer grain size – the more coats of Silicone Paint you apply, the less visible the grain size will become.

So, if you’re looking to paint over your Silicone Render, look no further than Silicone Paint. Silicone Paint is the perfect solution for allowing your render system to continue to offer optimum performance. Refresh the façade of your property and extend the façade’s lifespan.

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