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Try before you buy with our Render Colour Samples

As if the entire home renovation process isn’t stressful enough, choosing the right colour and textured finish for the new façade of your home can be daunting. You want to choose a façade that will not only look good, but also last for years to come. That’s why, here at EWI Store, we offer both Silicone Render Colour Sample Pots and Render Colour Sample Charts to assist you in choosing the right façade for you! What’s more, our friends at EWI Pro also offer a Silicone Render Colour Sample Pouch! Read on to learn about each of these types of samples and how they will aid your decision in choosing the right render façade for you.

What is a Silicone Render Colour Sample Pot?

A Silicone Render Colour Sample Pot is a product available from EWI Store as a means of testing the colours of our silicone renders before making a purchase. The pots contain 750g of Silicone Silicate Render, our most popular silicone-based render, in a default grain size of 1.5mm; our most popular grain size.

Here at EWI Store, our renders are available in absolutely any colour – that’s right, any colour, including any RAL, NCS or Pantone shade. That’s a lot of choices, so, if you’re contemplating a colour, it’s wise to test it first!

We can offer our Silicone Render Colour Sample Pots in any colour of your choice; just let us know which colour you’d like to see, and our talented team will use our state-of-the-art mixing facilities to tint it for you!

Once the render from the sample has been applied, it needs at least 48-72 hours to dry and set to represent the final colour finish. Therefore, do not form a judgment of the colour when the product has only just been applied – give it a little time, and you will soon see your colour choice in all its glory!

What is a Render Colour Sample Chart?

A Render Colour Sample Chart is an EWI Pro product stocked at EWI Store that showcases real render swatches in a sturdy, compact booklet in our top 36 colours. It is a particularly handy resource for our installers to figure the best finish for their projects, but also offers a great means for seeing a range of colour options for your home. We always recommend choosing a few shades from our Render Sample Colour Chart before ordering a Pot or Pouch.

What is a Silicone Render Colour Sample Pouch?

A Silicone Render Colour Sample Pouch is available to order from our friends at EWI Pro to get a feel of the grain sizes we offer. The sample comprises a small plaque with the desired grain size, and it’s available to order for FREE! That’s right: you can simply put in a request to order a sample in the grain size of your choice, and they will be in touch to get the sample to you.

Our Silicone Render Colour Sample Pouches are available in 4 grain sizes: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. Each of these grain sizes presents a slightly different textured finish – the larger the grain size, the rougher the façade – which can also impact the final colour finish. Therefore, this sample allows you to see and feel what the final render façade could look like on your home!

Order one of our Samples today!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking to render your home, be sure to order a sample – be it a Silicone Render Colour Sample Pot, Silicone Render Colour Sample Pouch or Render Colour Sample Chart – and start making a decision today.

Still stuck for choice?

If you’re still stuck for choice or have any other questions regarding our render samples, colours or anything else, you can talk to one of our talented Sales Representatives who will be happy to recommend any colours and aid you in your decision. You can contact our team via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 02033974067. We’re always happy to help!

EWI Store are the leading UK render specialists, offering a range of high-quality Render and External Wall Insulation products. We take a whole-system approach to external wall insulation, stocking all the materials required to help installers achieve a stand-out result. Our selection of products is constantly growing as we strive to offer our customers the best possible choice of materials from trusted manufacturers and established brand names.

How to clean and maintain your render

If it’s been a while since your house was rendered, you might be thinking that it looks like it needs a little clean. If so, you’re probably right: over time, it’s only inevitable that the façade of your home will begin to look a little dirty, dreary and dull, especially if you’re in a high-exposure area. By that, we mean your home is exposed to excess levels of wind-driven rain, causing the development of dampness, algae growth and mould. So, if you have noticed any black or green markings on your home, how do you go about cleaning it? It all depends on the type of render you already have on your home. In this blog, we’re going to cover how to clean off dirt alone, how to clean before painting and how to clean before re-rendering your home.

How to clean dirt, mould and algae growth off your render

If your house is just looking a bit grubby, it might simply need a wash-down. This can first be achieved by soaking a cloth in soapy water and wiping the surface area. If this hasn’t quite done the trick, you can go a little further by using a pressure washer with a mild detergent; however, be sure to adjust the settings to a fan-spray setting to avoid etching and damaging the render.

Alternatively, if your render façade has developed mould and algae growth, you should consider using a moss or algae killer. One of the oldest organisms on earth, algae tend to be the first organic growth to show up on your home; the longer it remains on the render surface, the more it will feed on the moisture and minerals within the surface. If it has reached this point and the amount of algae growth is excessive, you may need to hire a specialist to remove it for you; garden centre biocides are simply not powerful enough to remove the algae on their own.

Owing to its self-cleaning properties, our Silicone Render effectively resists organic growth and therefore requires very little maintenance over the course of its lifetime. Nonetheless, lighter colours are more likely to be susceptible to showing dirt; in this case, the best method for cleaning the render is to use soapy water and a sponge as and when. We offer thousands of colours for our Silicone Render; from calm and neutral to bright and vibrant, you can have any colour you like and, if you clean it as and when, it will remain looking fresh for years to come! If this sounds appealing, take a look at our Coloured Render Sample Pots.

How to clean your render before painting it

If you’re looking to paint or repaint your render, you can follow the same steps as above to clean it in preparation for the paint coat. It’s vital to ensure that it is cleaned properly to avoid any dirt, mould or algae growth from seeping through the paint and causing further issues down the line.

Once your render façade is cleaned properly, you’re going to want to choose a long-lasting, self-cleaning paint to, again, prevent issues regarding dirt and algae growth down the line. Our Silicone Paint is a high-performing masonry paint that is designed to be painted over an existing render to refresh the façade.

How to maintain your render

If you’ve recently had your home rendered – or you’re looking to have it rendered – with one of our specialist Silicone Renders, you’re in good hands; as mentioned, thanks to their self-cleaning properties in addition to their advanced flexibility, our Silicone Renders are designed to last for years to come. Nonetheless, if organic growth is your biggest concern, our Premium Bio Silicone Render is the render for you. What sets this render apart from others in our collection is its ability to actively break down signs of organic growth due to its enhanced vapour permeability. Again, this render can be tinted to absolutely any colour of your choice, including any RAL, NCS or Pantone tones; so, not only does it guarantee an aesthetically pleasing finish, but a long-lasting solution for your render façade!

If this isn’t enough, or you’re in a high-exposure area, you can enhance the protection of your home with our Nano Drex Protect – Render Guard. This product is designed to create a breathable barrier to prevent organic growth, discolouration and water ingress, prolonging the render façade’s lifespan even further – what more could you want?!

The main features of Nano Drex Protect include:

  • its hydro-protect formula;
  • it’s long-lasting;
  • it’s easy to apply;
  • it’s freezeproof; and
  • it’s vapour permeable.

Before applying Nano Drex Protect, as you would when painting or repainting, ensure that the render is cleared of dirt and anything that might reduce the contact between the product and the render. Any surface covered in mould, organic growth or moss should first be treated with EWI-360 Fungicidal Wash, which takes just 24 hours to kill all microorganisms on the substrate.

Get in touch

Interested in rendering or re-rendering your home, or wondering how to go about cleaning its façade? Our experienced Sales Team will be happy to assist with any enquiries you may have! Find our contact details here.

EWI Store are the leading UK render specialists, offering a range of high-quality Render and External Wall Insulation products. We take a whole-system approach to external wall insulation, stocking all the materials required to help installers achieve a stand-out result. Our selection of products is constantly growing as we strive to offer our customers the best possible choice of materials from trusted manufacturers and established brand names.

Can You Paint Over Silicone Render?

Have you had your Silicone Render for quite some time now? If so, you might be wondering how best to give it a little refresh. Here at EWI Store, we’re often asked how Silicone Render can be maintained to continue to exude a stand-out finish. Although Silicone Render has advanced self-cleaning properties, that doesn’t mean that it’s not completely susceptible to gathering dirt over time. To solve such, a gentle clean with a jet wash is perfect now and then however, houses that are likely to become dirty more easily – that is, those on busy roads or in highly-vegetated areas – may need to be painted over. That said, you might be wondering whether you can use standard masonry paint on top of Silicone Render. The simple answer is, while no one can stop you from doing so, it is highly recommended to use Silicone Paint instead. Keep reading to find out why.

Why use Silicone Paint on top of Silicone Render?

Silicone Render is a specialist, breathable render product ideal for application on external wall insulation systems where a breathable insulant, such as Mineral Wool, is being used. Therefore, while you technically can use standard masonry paint on top of Silicone Render, we recommend that you use Silicone Paint because it is also highly breathable. A standard masonry paint might not have such breathable properties which would completely nullify the render system’s ability to allow water vapour to pass through its surface, while a breathable Silicone Paint would work with the Silicone Render to continue to offer optimum performance.

The best thing about our Silicone Paint is that it is available in thousands of colours. If your current render system is coloured and you’re afraid that you won’t find a colour to match, never fear – our Silicone Paints can be tinted to absolutely any shade! That way, not only will the Silicone Paint still cater to your taste, but it will also freshen up the entire façade of the property and extend its lifespan.

How to apply Silicone Paint onto Silicone Render

Before you apply Silicone Paint to your render, there are a few preparatory steps that must be taken to ensure a flawless finish. First, you’ll need to clear the render of any dirt or grime. If the walls have been painted previously, you’ll need to remove any flaking paint using either a jet washer or a wire brush. Also, be sure to apply tape to areas that need protection from the paint, such as window and door frames.

Silicone Render is incredibly flexible and therefore highly unlikely to crack. However, if you notice any minor cracks, these too need to be filled.

We recommend applying the paint using a standard brush and roller, starting at the top and working your way downwards to catch the paint as it drips and runs. Silicone Paint can be applied in multiple coats, so once the first is dry (after about 12 hours), you can go over it with as many coats as desired. However, beware that – if your render has a finer grain size – the more coats of Silicone Paint you apply, the less visible the grain size will become.

So, if you’re looking to paint over your Silicone Render, look no further than Silicone Paint. Silicone Paint is the perfect solution for allowing your render system to continue to offer optimum performance, refresh the façade of your property and extend the façade’s lifespan. If you’re looking for a complete guide on how to maintain your render finish, be sure to check out our blog on how to look after your render finish here. As usual, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or comment below!


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    Receive a FREE Render Colour Chart (and beanie)!

    As a thank you to all our loyal customers and advanced installers, we at EWI Store are offering FREE Render Colour Charts AND EWI Pro Beanies! Our Render Colour Chart is a fantastic resource for customers and installers alike, so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. If you’re wondering what a Render Colour Chart is, or equally how to receive your free copy, keep on reading!

    What are Render Colour Charts?

    At EWI Store, we understand that choosing the right render colour for your property can be a difficult decision; it’s hard to visualise exactly how the colour you want – or think you want – will look on the finished facade. And, when you hear that we offer thousands (yes, thousands) of colour choices, you can feel even more overwhelmed. That’s where our Render Colour Charts come to save the day!

    Our ability to tint our render to absolutely any colour, including any RAL, NCS or Pantone shade, means that we cater to absolutely every taste. Our Render Colour Chart is available for our entire thin-coat render range, allowing you to visualise realistic colours and textures before making your final decision.

    Our Render Colour Chart is not just a leaflet with small images; it is a durable, compact hardback brochure that provides official swatches of different render colours and grain sizes. Our installers find them to be an extremely handy resource, so you don’t want to miss out on receiving one for FREE!

    How can I receive my free Render Colour Chart?

    If you are not already registered with us, you will first need to create a trade account with us. Click here to register your account with us. If you are already registered with us, simply make sure you are logged in to your account.

    Then, to receive your free Render Colour Chart, simply go to your cart and enter the code colourchart21 in the text box. What’s more, you will also receive a free EWI Pro Beanie AND free postage with your free Render Colour Chart – what a deal!

    On behalf of everyone at EWI Store, we want to thank you for your custom and loyalty. We hope you enjoy your free gifts!

    Coloured Render Cost Per Square Metre

    Here at EWI Store, we offer a vast range of coloured renders to both improve the look of your home and cater to every taste. Our renders can be tinted or matched to absolutely any colour, including any NCS, RAL and Pantone colour, allowing for maximum colour customisation. What’s more, with their advanced breathable, flexible and self-cleaning properties, rest assured our renders will offer your property the utmost protection.

    Choosing a coloured render for your property can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer colour charts and render tester pots to assist you in deciding which colour is best for you before making a purchase. However, once you’ve made the all-important decision as to which colour you’d like, you’re probably wondering: how much will it cost? Well, wonder no more, as we’re here to help!

    Calculating the cost of coloured render per square metre

    To work out exactly how much coloured render you will need for your property, we first need to work out the approximate square meterage of the property.

    Working out the square meterage of your external walls is easy: you just need to go outside and measure the length and height of the wall, then multiply the two numbers together. This needs to be repeated for each wall you intend to render, then totalled all together; this total will give you the external wall area.

    Priming the substrate

    Assuming the substrate is standard masonry, we recommend that you use our Water Based Primer, which costs around 30p per square metre.

    Applying the Basecoat and Mesh

    Then, we need to take into account the basecoat layer, which goes on before the coloured render to smooth out the external wall and aid adhesion. Fibreglass Mesh is also embedded in the basecoat. One bag of our EPS Basecoat will cover 4 to 5m2, which will cost £2.40 per m2. The Fibreglass Mesh, which will be embedded within the basecoat, will cost approximately 70p per square metre.

    Using a Render Primer

    Now, we need to consider how much render primer your property will require. For a Silicone Silicate system, you’ll need our EWI-333 SiSi Render Primer, which can also be tinted to match the colour of the render for extra opacity and pigmentation.

    A large 21kg bucket of Render Primer will cover approximately 60m2. This means that the primer will come to roughly 80p per square metre.

    • Top Coat Primer – 20kg

      £67.00 (incl VAT)

    Choosing a render

    Let’s assume you want to go for a Silicone Silicate Render. First, we need to calculate how much Silicone Silicate Render costs per square metre.

    For instance, one bucket of Silicone Silicate Render – with a grain size of 1.5mm – will cover between 9 and 10m2, which is roughly £4.90 per square metre.

    When buying your render, remember that coverage will vary based on the grain size that you go for; the larger the grain size, the more product you will need because it will provide less area coverage.

    Silicone coloured render

    Beading per m2

    Finally, we find that beading usually costs approximately £2 per square metre, although this can vary depending on the property.

    The total cost of Silicone Silicate coloured render system per square metre

    Altogether, the cost of a Silicone Silicate Render system per square metre approximately come to £10.80. Bear in mind that this is an approximation. Nonetheless, if you were to multiply this number with the square meterage of your property, you should get an idea as to how much the materials will cost for installing coloured render on your home!

    Which coloured render do I choose?

    We have a huge range of coloured renders to choose from, all of which are BBA-approved and of the highest quality on the market.

    We also provide tester pots that allow you to test different colours. It’s always best to see the coloured render in-person to ensure that you are happy with your decision before it’s applied all over your property.

    Our thin-coat-coloured renders are bestsellers. We offer:

    • Silicone Render/Silicone Silicate Render: Silicone Render is a premium, modern-technology coloured render which is available in hundreds of different colours. It is a customer favourite as it offers hydrophobic properties, meaning that it repels water, dirt and organic growth. Silicone Render is also ready-to-use, making it super easy to apply; it can be applied straight out of the box! Read more about Silicone Render here.
    • Acrylic Render: Acrylic Render is very similar to Silicone Render, except it doesn’t provide the same hydrophobic properties. Saying that, it still provides the same flexibility as other thin-coat renders and is great at holding onto the colour pigment; it’s a solid middle-ground thin-coat render. Read more about Acrylic Render here.
    • Mineral Render: Mineral Render is a dry-mix, thin coat render. This is a very popular choice if you live in a cold or rainy climate because mineral render is extremely fast-drying (you can’t apply other renders in cold or wet conditions as they take longer to dry). However, this render needs to be painted afterwards with silicone paint to seal it in because, if it’s left exposed to the elements, it can develop lime bloom due to its inclusion of Portland cement. Read more about Mineral Render here.
    • Monocouche Scratch Render: Monocouche Scratch Render is a thick-coat, through-coloured render. It is more traditional but does require extra work to install; it needs to be applied in two passes to provide extra strength and cannot be applied in wet or humid conditions. Monocouche Render also needs Fibreglass Mesh embedded within it to provide extra strength and flexibility, ultimately making it crack-resistant. Then, once it’s dried, it needs to be scratched back to achieve the desired texture. If our monocouche system is of interest to you, check out our blog Monocouche Scratch Render Cost Per Square Metre for a detailed insight into how much you’re looking at with this system.

    How much does Coloured Render cost to maintain?

    Let’s say, 10 years down the line, you want to give your render a bit of a refresh; Silicone Paint is a great way to do this as it can be matched to the exact colour of your existing render. To learn more about why Silicone Paint is best for refreshing an existing polymer-modified render, you can read this blog. However, in terms of sprucing up your render, a 15l bucket of Silicone Paint typically covers 60 to 70m2. Therefore, you’re looking at around £3 per m2.

    So, what do you think? Does Coloured Render sound right for you? Was this blog helpful? Be sure to comment with your thoughts and questions, should you have any, below – again, we’re here to help!



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      The Best Masonry Paint? Silicone Paint

      Are you interested in re-rendering your property and seeking high-quality masonry paint to coat the render for a fresh, modern finish? Then look no further than Silicone Paint! At EWI Store, we often receive enquiries about our Silicone Paint, the most common being “what is Silicone Paint?”, “what is Silicone Paint used for?” and “what’s the difference between Silicone Paint and Silicone Render?”. If you’re wondering the same, don’t worry – we’re going to cover everything you need to know about Silicone Paint right here, right now!

      What is Silicone Paint?

      Silicone Paint is a high-performance masonry paint that can be used for painting over either an existing Silicone Render to refresh the facade, or over our Mineral Render to seal the render. It is highly breathable, waterproof and resistant to environmental pollutants, making it perfect for homes in busy or humid environments where render alone may be susceptible to organic overgrowth. Silicone Paint is also available in thousands of colours, catering to every taste!

      What is the difference between Silicone Paint and Silicone Render?

      The names are self-explanatory; Silicone Paint is a masonry paint topcoat, while Silicone Render is a type of render finish. Their only similarity is that they both contain Silicone which provides numerous benefits, but we’ll come to those a bit later!

      While our thin-coat renders come in various grain sizes, ranging from 1mm to 3mm, our Silicone Paint is completely smooth, meaning it can be applied on top of an existing render without disrupting its texture.

      As with our Silicone Paint, our Silicone Render is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water, dirt and organic growth. However, even with all these capabilities, render can eventually look tired after so many years. That’s where Silicone Paint comes in; not only does it offer the render a decorative refresh, but also an extra layer of protection with its same hydrophobic properties, prolonging the render’s lifespan.


      Why use Silicone Paint?

      As we know, the ingress of water is detrimental to external wall insulation and render-only systems. In external wall insulation, the presence of water can reduce the system’s thermal capabilities and lead to freeze-thaw damage. In a render-only system, it can dampen the internal walls, especially in solid wall properties, damaging the overall render. Therefore, as part of external wall insulation or render-only systems, Silicone Paint is particularly beneficial; its breathability allows water to escape through the surface of the paint. Also, its vapour permeability makes it frostproof, meaning it won’t damage the surface of the paint.

      At EWI Store, we always suggest to our customers that our Mineral Render should be sealed with high-performance masonry paint like Silicone Paint. Mineral Render is our fastest-drying render, making it perfect for cold climates. However, its ingredients mean that, if exposed to the elements for too long, it can be susceptible to lime bloom. That’s why Silicone Paint is necessary as a topcoat; it prevents water from travelling through to the render and forming lime bloom.

      Silicone Paint can be matched to the Silicone Render underneath!

      If you’ve used one of our coloured Silicone Renders, then you can buy a Silicone Paint in the same colour to match! Here at EWI Store, we offer a same-day colour mixing service using our Render Colour Machine, which can tint Silicone Paint to thousands of colours. So, even if your render is not from EWI Pro, we can still match the colour to give it a refresh!


      As well as exteriors, Silicone Paint is great for interiors!

      Up to now, we’ve talked a lot about Silicone Paint can be used as a masonry paint as a render top coat to offer both a protective and decorative finish. However, as for exteriors, Silicone Paint is also great for interiors!

      Given that it’s waterproof, we’ve encountered many people who have used Silicone Paint in their bathrooms, making it perfect for combatting condensation on bathroom walls. Likewise, we’ve heard that people who have previously suffered from damp problems in their homes have used Silicone Paint as a deterrent, limiting the chances of such issues in future. One of our team members has even used Silicone Paint on his garden wall to prevent organic growth! In our opinion, all the above are great ways to utilise Silicone Paint.

      Get in touch to buy Silicone Paint!

      We’re always happy to answer any questions about our products. If you’re interested in using Silicone Paint for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can discuss its suitability for your situation; we can work out exactly how much you’ll need depending on the square meterage of your property.


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