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How to clean and maintain your render

If it’s been a while since your house was rendered, you might be thinking that it looks like it needs a little clean. If so, you’re probably right: over time, it’s only inevitable that the façade of your home will begin to look a little dirty, dreary and dull, especially if you’re in a high-exposure area. By that, we mean your home is exposed to excess levels of wind-driven rain, causing the development of dampness, algae growth and mould. So, if you have noticed any black or green markings on your home, how do you go about cleaning it? It all depends on the type of render you already have on your home. In this blog, we’re going to cover how to clean off dirt alone, how to clean before painting and how to clean before re-rendering your home.

How to clean dirt, mould and algae growth off your render

If your house is just looking a bit grubby, it might simply need a wash-down. This can first be achieved by soaking a cloth in soapy water and wiping the surface area. If this hasn’t quite done the trick, you can go a little further by using a pressure washer with a mild detergent; however, be sure to adjust the settings to a fan-spray setting to avoid etching and damaging the render.

Alternatively, if your render façade has developed mould and algae growth, you should consider using a moss or algae killer. One of the oldest organisms on earth, algae tend to be the first organic growth to show up on your home; the longer it remains on the render surface, the more it will feed on the moisture and minerals within the surface. If it has reached this point and the amount of algae growth is excessive, you may need to hire a specialist to remove it for you; garden centre biocides are simply not powerful enough to remove the algae on their own.

Owing to its self-cleaning properties, our Silicone Render effectively resists organic growth and therefore requires very little maintenance over the course of its lifetime. Nonetheless, lighter colours are more likely to be susceptible to showing dirt; in this case, the best method for cleaning the render is to use soapy water and a sponge as and when. We offer thousands of colours for our Silicone Render; from calm and neutral to bright and vibrant, you can have any colour you like and, if you clean it as and when, it will remain looking fresh for years to come! If this sounds appealing, take a look at our Coloured Render Sample Pots.

How to clean your render before painting it

If you’re looking to paint or repaint your render, you can follow the same steps as above to clean it in preparation for the paint coat. It’s vital to ensure that it is cleaned properly to avoid any dirt, mould or algae growth from seeping through the paint and causing further issues down the line.

Once your render façade is cleaned properly, you’re going to want to choose a long-lasting, self-cleaning paint to, again, prevent issues regarding dirt and algae growth down the line. Our Silicone Paint is a high-performing masonry paint that is designed to be painted over an existing render to refresh the façade.

How to maintain your render

If you’ve recently had your home rendered – or you’re looking to have it rendered – with one of our specialist Silicone Renders, you’re in good hands; as mentioned, thanks to their self-cleaning properties in addition to their advanced flexibility, our Silicone Renders are designed to last for years to come. Nonetheless, if organic growth is your biggest concern, our Premium Bio Silicone Render is the render for you. What sets this render apart from others in our collection is its ability to actively break down signs of organic growth due to its enhanced vapour permeability. Again, this render can be tinted to absolutely any colour of your choice, including any RAL, NCS or Pantone tones; so, not only does it guarantee an aesthetically pleasing finish, but a long-lasting solution for your render façade!

If this isn’t enough, or you’re in a high-exposure area, you can enhance the protection of your home with our Nano Drex Protect – Render Guard. This product is designed to create a breathable barrier to prevent organic growth, discolouration and water ingress, prolonging the render façade’s lifespan even further – what more could you want?!

  • Nano Drex Protect – Render Guard (EWI-086) – 1L

    £13.99 Excl. VAT
  • SALE Render Guard

    Nano Drex Protect – Render Guard (EWI-086) – 5L

    £20.79 Excl. VAT£25.99 Excl. VAT

The main features of Nano Drex Protect include:

  • its hydro-protect formula;
  • it’s long-lasting;
  • it’s easy to apply;
  • it’s freezeproof; and
  • it’s vapour permeable.

Before applying Nano Drex Protect, as you would when painting or repainting, ensure that the render is cleared of dirt and anything that might reduce the contact between the product and the render. Any surface covered in mould, organic growth or moss should first be treated with EWI-360 Fungicidal Wash, which takes just 24 hours to kill all microorganisms on the substrate.

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