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How to install Elastolith Brick slips

Brick slips are a great way to achieve the brick appearance without the fuss!

Customers always ask us for guidance on an easy method to install these acrylic brick slips, so here it is! 

What are Brick slips? 

There are a few different types of brick slip, clinker, cement and acrylic slips – they are all designed to do the same thing though – mimic the look of brickwork. With modern construction methods, often real bricks aren’t used, as it speeds up the building process and is often cheaper. Brick slips can be used to recreate the brick look regardless of the construction method.  

Elastolith brick slips are made from acrylic, which is a type of plastic. They are lightweight, flexible and durable, but perhaps more importantly, their finished appearance perfectly resembles a real brick which is why they are a great alternative to achieving the brick aesthetic without the cost and time taken to build a real brick wall. 

Preparing the wall

To prepare for the installation of Elastolith brick slips, clear all dirt and debris away from the substrate. The surface must be able to take the load and be free from stress.  

We recommend using our EWI-310 primer on any substrate prior to applying the acrylic brick slips because it creates a nice mechanical key for the brick slip adhesive to adhere to.  

We would also recommend covering any floors or surfaces to protect them before application. If installing internally, plug sockets can also be removed and reattached afterward, but we recommend an electrical professional do this. 

It is advised to have all your tools and products readily available as this will help with ease of application. 

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    Universal Primer (EWI-310) – 20kg

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Planning the layout  

Before starting the brick slip application, we suggest planning the layout and ensuring all measurements are correct, so there are no uneven sides or large mortar joints on show.

We recommend starting at the bottom and working horizontally ensuring the distance between each brick slip is even. 

Elastolith Brick slip adhesive comes ready to use! 

The Brick slip adhesive has been formulated to have a high bond strength securing brick slips into place. It is a ready-to-use product and sold in four different colours; Anthracite, cement grey, light grey and white.

This allows you to choose the perfect coloured grout for your brick slips. 

Sticking the Brick slips to the substrate 

Once you have primed the wall with the EWI-310, it is time to apply the brick slips! Elastolith adhesive should be applied vertically using a 4mm notched trowel and flattened to 1.5-2.0mm. We recommend only applying the adhesive to a small area at a time to ensure it does not dry out before the brick slips are applied. Once applied, press the brick slip into the wet adhesive, which should be fully embedded in the adhesive. 

Once the brick slips have been applied, it is time to grout! With Elastolith brickslips, the adhesive also acts as the grout, hence it comes in different colours.  

In order to achieve the ‘grout-look’ between the brick slips, smooth the adhesive at the joins using a slightly damp brush. Obviously this needs to be done promptly to ensure the adhesive is still wet and therefore workable. 

We recommend smoothing the outer joins first, then the inner join with long strokes. Ensure there is sufficient adhesive on the sides of the brick slip to ensure water cannot get behind them. 

If brick slips are applied externally, they must be protected against wind and rain for at least 3 days after applying them to the substrate. This timeframe may be slightly impacted by temperature and humidity.

Learn more about Elastolith Brick slips 

If you would like to explore brick slips in more detail, why not check out our blog ‘advantages of brick slips’. You can always call our friendly sales team who would be happy to discuss any products in more detail.  

Remember brick slips are currently on special at just £22.99 ex VAT per m2 – down from £28.33 ex VAT so there has never been a better time to buy! 



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