The Best Masonry Paint? Silicone Paint

What is Silicone Paint?

We often receive enquiries about our Silicone Paint from customers who are looking for high-quality masonry paints, or who are interested in re-rendering their properties. The main questions that they ask tend to be about what the difference is between Silicone Paint and Silicone Render; and what is Silicone Paint for? Well, we hope to answer all of your questions in this blog post!

Silicone Paint is a breathable, hydrophobic topcoat finish which is great for applying over the top of an existing render as you would a normal masonry paint. It’s resistant to water, environmental pollutants and organic growth, so it would be perfect if you live in a busy, built up city or if you live in a humid, rainy environment where your render is susceptible to organic overgrowth.

What is the difference between Silicone Paint and Silicone Render?

It speaks for itself really that Silicone Paint is a masonry paint topcoat, whilst the Silicone Render is a render finish. The only similarities between them are the fact that they both contain Silicone, which provides numerous benefits – but we’ll come to that later!

Our thin coat renders come in different grain sizes ranging from 1mm to 3mm; in contrast, our Silicone Paint does not come in different grain sizes, it’s completely smooth so can be applied on top of the existing render without disrupting the texture.

Silicone Paint is designed to be used as either a masonry paint topcoat to seal in the render underneath (e.g. for use with our Mineral Render), or it can be used as a means of refreshing your render finish if it needs a bit of a spruce further down the line.

Silicone Render is hydrophobic, which means that it repels dirt and organic growth. However, after many years even render with these capabilities can look tired. This is where Silicone Paint comes in really handy as part of your render aftercare because it is also hydrophobic – so it not only refreshes the render but adds another protective layer to top up its lifespan.

Why use a Silicone Masonry Paint?

Silicone Paint provides a super breathable finish, so as part of a render or EWI system it works particularly well. As we know, ingress of water and moisture is detrimental to rendered properties and to external wall insulation. For EWI, if water enters the system it can reduce its thermal capabilities and the water can damage the system during the freezing and thawing process. Ingress of water within a render-only system is particularly bad,  allowing the water to cause damage to the render. It can seep into the walls of the property and cause damp patches on the internal walls, especially with solid wall properties.

The Silicone Paint acts as a protective barrier against this problem. Its breathability allows water and moisture to escape through the surface of the paint and it prevents moisture from passing through because the silicone within the paint repels water vapour. Because of its vapour permeability, Silicone Paint is also frostproof – frost will not cause damage by settling on its surface or within the actual masonry paint itself.

We always recommend to our customers that our Mineral Render should be sealed in with a high-performance masonry paint such as Silicone Paint. Mineral Render is our fastest-drying render which is perfect for cold climates, however, its ingredients mean that if it’s exposed to the elements for too long it can be susceptible to lime bloom. This is why it’s necessary to apply Silicone Paint over the top of it, to prevent water from passing through to the render underneath and causing the formation of lime bloom.

Silicone Paint can be Matched to the Coloured Render Underneath!

If you’ve used one of our coloured renders, then you can very easily buy a Silicone Paint in exactly the same colour to match it to the existing render. We offer a same-day colour mixing service using our render colour machine which can tint your Silicone Paint into thousands of different colours, so even if your render does not come from EWI Pro we will be able to match up the paint for you!

Silicone Paint is Great for Interiors and Exteriors!

We’ve previously talked a lot about render and how Silicone Paint can be used as a masonry paint in addition to your render finish as a protective topcoat, however, many people aren’t aware that Silicone Paint can be used for interiors as well as exteriors!

We’ve heard of people using Silicone Paint in their bathrooms because it’s a really waterproof paint and is perfect for the humid environment of a bathroom. We’ve also heard of people who have previously suffered from problems of damp in their home and have used Silicone Paint as a future deterrent because of its breathability. One of our members of staff has also used silicone paint on his garden wall to prevent organic growth. We think all of the above uses are great ways to utilise Silicone Paint!

Get In Touch to Buy Silicone Paint!

We’re always happy to answer any further questions about our products, so give us a call if you are interested in using Silicone Paint for your home. We can work out exactly how much you’ll need depending on the square meterage of your property.

We upload a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday, so stay tuned for more product information and technical advice!

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