How to achieve a brick-like finish on your EWI system: Brick slips

Are you fascinated by all the environmental benefits of external wall insulation, such as improved thermal performance, reduced energy bills and increased façade durability, but having doubts because you don’t want to let go of that beautiful brick aesthetic on your home? Then, brick slips are the product for you. While silicone render is available in several different grain sizes and thousands of different colours to allow you to create a personalised finish, you can instead choose brick slips as the final stage of your external wall insulation system – which are also available in various colours – to receive all the benefits of a system whilst enjoying the traditional aesthetic of exposed brickwork. If this sounds more like you, and you want to know more about brick slips, keep reading!

What are brick slips?

Brick slips are thin, acrylic tiles that are predominantly manufactured and cut from real reclaimed bricks. Much like a brick wall which is created by building brick upon brick, brick slips are applied to the wall one by one atop the adhesive to mimic real brickwork. They are highly flexible, meaning they can bend around corners to recreate the edges of bricks, and available in various natural colours and textures, again much like real brick. Brick slips can be applied both internally and externally but have grown in popularity as the final stage of an external wall insulation system to receive the benefits of external wall insulation without letting go of the traditional brick aesthetic.

Brick slips provide further benefits to an external wall insulation system if you live in an area where there is a high risk of mechanical impact such as on a busy road. Due to their brick-like nature, they have a great ability to withstand damage from mechanical impact and are very hard-wearing. They are also weatherproof and UV-resistant, meaning their colour won’t fade over time. So, if your current brickwork is looking a little tired, brick slips – along with the added benefits of external wall insulation – are the way to go.

How are brick slips installed?

Our brick slips are extremely simple to install. We offer a special adhesive that comes in five different colours and is specifically designed for use with the brick slips to create a long-lasting, reliable bond between the brick slips and the substrate. The adhesive is the most important part of the installation process as it will ensure the solidity of the installation.

When installing brick slips on top of an external wall insulation system, you must first install the basecoat and mesh on top of the insulation boards. Then, the special brick slip adhesive must be applied using a notched trowel. Following this, the brick slips can be applied to the adhesive in the form of a standard brick pattern, staggering the bricks and leaving a space of around 10mm between each brick both vertically and horizontally. As mentioned earlier, the bricks can be bent around corners owing to their flexibility, or you can cut them to your desired shapes.

What are the different types of brick slips?

Here at EWI Store, we offer several types of brick slips to cater to every taste:

  • Bavarian Castle. Our Bavarian Castle brick slips are of a beautifully clean and modern light grey colour which offer a noticeably fantastic facelift to any home. Their colour also offers an excellent contrast to wooden doors and window frames for a modern look with a traditional touch.
  • Cedar Hill. Our Cedar Hill brick slips offer a more conventional aesthetic, combining hints of dark red and brown, as you would imagine real brickwork to look. The Cedar Hill brick slips are perfect if you are seeking to achieve a traditional look whilst updating the look of your home.
  • Charcoal. Bold and modern, our Charcoal brick slips are the perfect solution if you are looking to make your house stand out from the crowd. The Charcoal brick slips will look fantastic when combined with white windows and doors.
  • Yellow Stock. If you are looking to brighten the façade of your home in an understated fashion, Yellow Stock brick slips are the ones for you. These brick slips look excellent all year round and remain timeless.
  • Siberian White. Bright and modern, our Siberian White brick slips are a fantastic option if you are seeking a complete refresh of the façade of your home. White will work with any colour of doors and window frames; white for a clean finish, and black or any other colour to create a contrast.
  • Wentworth Mixture. Similarly to Cedar Hill, our Wentworth Mixture brick slips mimic the appearance of traditional bricks owing to their natural red-brown colour. Whether you already looking to update your current brickwork or are for an understated look, Wentworth is for you.
  • Westminster. Our Westminster brick slips offer a bright, natural aesthetic with their neutral stone-like colour adorned with hints of red and black. Like Yellow Stock, Westminster provides a timeless look whilst giving your whole home a facelift.

So, if brickwork is to your taste and external wall insulation sounds like an excellent solution for you, then brick slips are the option for you! As you can see, our range of brick slips means that we can cater to every taste, allowing you to achieve your desired brick-look finish. If you have any questions about our brick slips and how they work with external wall insulation, please do not hesitate to contact our talented Sales Team who will be happy to help!