EWI-66417 uPVC Stop Bead (2.5m)

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The EWI-66417 is used at the edges of our render systems to get a clean sharp finish. The stop bead is also the perfect product to finish and reinforce the edge of insulation. Coming in 2.5m lengths, the uPVC stop bead is extremely good value and easy to use, creating a durable and robust finishing to the insulation system.

  • 2.5 linear metres in length
  • Ensures straight – vertical or horizontal – finishes
  • Durable and robust
  • Available in 6mm or 10mm thicknesses for scratch or thin coat render systems.

EWI-66417 uPVC Stop Bead (2.5 linear metres) is used at the edges of our thin coat render systems to get a clean sharp finish. The stop bead comes with a 100mm wing of fibreglass mesh that is embedded within the basecoat layer of adhesive.

It is important to use stop bead to ensure professional vertical and horizontal finishes  – but the uPVC stop bead also provides crucial strength and durability around areas that are prone to stress throughout the lifespan of the system.

Weight 0.5 kg

6mm, 10mm


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