EWI-66500 Flexible uPVC Arch Bead 2.5m length

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Our flexible uPVC Arch bead is the perfect product to strengthen curved edges during external solid wall insulation. The arch bead flexes to fix the profile of the curve, giving you a smooth and strong finish. Create curves and arch forms for decorative plaster requirements in thin coat and dry lining applications.

  • 3 linear metres in length
  • Ensures strength maintained around curves
  • Protects curves

EWI-650 Flexible uPVC Arch Bead (2.5m length) is perfect for curved edges of the insulation system. Edges are prone to damage, through cracks etc, but installing the arch bead gives the system additional strength.

Intended Uses

Where there is an arch or curved section to the substrate, you need to use the arch bead in order to maintain the strength of the system.

Technical Specifications


2.5m in length

Flexible curve


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