EWI- 66327 Movement bead


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Application: ETICS
The movement bead E – type could be used in surface areas and V – type in inside corners in thermal insulation systems to get a permanent and weatherproof sealant of vertical movement joints for all thicknesses of insulation and for insulation joint width of 15 – 60 mm.

Equipment of the product: The coextruded movement bead 2000 is built up of two constantly press cut angles out of impact resistant and UV- and weather-proof PVC. The fibre glass reinforcement which is stuck together with the angle is alkali-proof and dislocation resistant. The angles are stuck together permanently by a flexible TPE strap band.

Important details:
Cool and dry storage
Horizontal transporting and stocking
The joint width must be at least 15 mm
Movement beads E – and V – type may only be used vertically
Please allow for the processing guidelines of the manufacturer of the thermal insulation systems / ETICS.

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