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Window Reveal Beads

Coloured Window Reveal Bead (6mm)

Simply one word is enough to describe our Window reveal beads, and that is: perfect. There are many reasons why EWI Store`s Window reveal beads are perfect. But, one rationale is that the beads provide a clean, professional finish around windows and doors with thin coat render systems.

Also, with the Window reveal beads, we are the proud suppliers of Likov brand.

These fantastic beads are complete with an adhesive strip on the bottom of the bead and mesh along the back. This beading prevents cracking in the long run too.

  • Coloured Window Reveal Bead (6mm)

    From £7.82 Excl. VAT
  • Window Reveal Bead – White (6mm)

    £6.77 Excl. VAT