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Insulation: does size matter?

At EWI Store, we carry a big range of insulation thicknesses, and we can get any thickness you need specially manufactured for you. We are going to ask the question: does size matter, and how thick can you go?

What thicknesses do you have in stock?

We carry both mineral wool and expanded polystyrene in stock, with the former going up to 120mm and the EPS topping out at 100mm as standard. We carry 90 and 100mm EPS in store as a standard product, and they are our most popular sizes. Why is this?

When carrying out a retrofit project, adding insulation to an existing 9 inch brick property, 90mm of EPS insulation will surpass the 0.3W/m u-value that needs to be achieved to meet building regulations. 110mm of Rockwool will achieve the same performance value.

New builds and exceeding regulations

If you have a new build project where you are using EPS to get a single skin wall up to the required u-value, then you will need more than 90mm. This is because new builds have a higher standard of insulation thickness required. This table gives an idea of the u-values you can achieve with graphite EPS on a 220mm brick wall:


New build projects need to reach a wall u-value of 0.18, so we do often get asked to supply 150mm or similar insulation.

What thickness of Rockwool should be used in new builds?

If you want to achieve the same performance with Rockwool, we would recommend going for 200mm insulation. This thickness on Thermalite block or similar should give you a u-value of 0.18. As with all these calculations, make sure you get a u-value analysis tailored to your project before you order your materials, as you don’t want to be told you are a few mm off of being compliant once the job is done!

How much do these specially-cut insulation boards cost?

You may be surprised to know that the cost of cutting these extra thick boards is less than you would expect. Depending on the amount you are going to order, we can provide you with your EPS at a similar cost in terms of volume, compared to other stock sizes. If you would like a quote for a particular thickness of board, just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Fixings for oversize boards

We also get asked for mechanical fixings for these large boards. For most oversized boards, we carry the appropriate fixings or can get them ordered. For extremely thick insulation over 200mm, you may need to recess your fixings into the insulation to ensure they are long enough to bite into the brick below. Ask us if you are not sure about the right fixings for your job.

Remember, if you’re not sure about anything, just call EWI Store and we can talk you through all of your requirements.

What makes EWI Store different?

When we set out as EWI Store, we wanted to offer a service above and beyond any other insulation shop. We thought about what is often lacking with other companies, and how we could do better ourselves. A few years in, and we are confident that in the service we provide. So, here’s a rundown of how we can help you with your project:

Best quality products

We won’t put profit over quality, so we only sell the best external wall insulation materials. We have everything you need, so you can get it all in one place, at the best prices. Our through-coloured renders won’t scratch or fade over time, our specialist beads ensure strength, and our insulation materials are the highest-performing out there. We can offer a 25-year warranty on finished projects, so you can give your customers peace of mind.

Low prices

Everything at EWI Store is priced fairly and competitively, and we offer generous discounts to those with trade accounts – as well as sales and seasonal offers. We’re constantly checking to ensure we have the cheapest prices on the market. We can also arrange credit in many cases. It’s worth getting to know us to see what we can do for you!

Whole-system approach

Rather than seeing standalone products, we always think about how materials will work in conjunction with each other. Given information on your budget and requirements, we will design the best system for you and your property. Designing whole insulation systems allows us to tailor the perfect finish for you and your customer. This guarantees excellent performance and longevity.

Expert advice

Everyone who works at EWI Store knows our products inside-out. We’re also keen to establish customer relationships. We’re not pushy and no-one will sell you a product that’s not right for you. As well as advising on the best materials for your job, our team can also give technical advice and keep you up to date with the status of your order. Communication is key in everything we do and we are always only a phone call away. Alternatively, if you’d like to come and meet us in person for free training, or just to talk through our products, our door is open.

Next-day delivery

Almost all orders can be delivered to your site the day after you order them. We know it’s frustrating to have to wait to start a job, or to hang around waiting for extra materials if you run out halfway through. That’s why we prioritise getting everything to you as soon as possible. We have our own drivers, so we can be sure we know where they are and when they’ll get to you. When we give you a slot, we’ll do everything in our power to fulfil it – and if we can’t for any reason, you’ll be the first to know.

Got any questions about our materials or how we work? Get in touch!

Benefits of rendering a building

You might wonder why people to decide to render a property. Well, there are several benefits, which we are going to discuss below.

1 – Protects/weatherproofs your building

The first benefit of render on any building is that it should help weatherproof the underlying brickwork. That means that, regardless of the condition of the existing brick/block work, no water will be able to penetrate through the watertight, weatherproof render finish. We offer 25-year warranties in some cases on our renders, giving you the piece of mind that they are built to last!

2 – Blend new parts of a building to existing

The second benefit of render is that it can be used to blend different types of building together. Say you have an old property built in the 1960s and then decide to get a new extension built on the back of your home. By rendering all the property (old and new), it will tie the look of the house together seamlessly!

3 – Improve the look of the property

Driving around London, the difference between newly rendered properties and older render properties is stark. The older properties look tired and often the render is cracked all over. A new coat of render can really give your property a face lift, making it look like new. Our renders are available in thousands of different colours and lots of different textures so it is easy to achieve the style you are looking for.

4 – Get rid of pebble-dash!

This is a subjective one, but we think pebble-dash looks a bit dated. Our render can go on top of old pebble-dash, giving a much more modern look to these properties! Check out our blog on how to replace pebbledash with coloured render for more info.

5 – New render doesn’t crack

There are lots of different types of render, but the best-known at the moment is probably K-rend. The good news is that some (but not all) modern day renders don’t crack. Take our EWI Pro renders, for example. All of them have a fibreglass mesh base coat layer. This is flexible and moves with the building. The render that sits on top of this base coat layer is extremely thin and flexible. The combination of the two means that our render will not crack!

6 – No need to paint!

All our renders are pre-coloured before delivery (except for mineral render, which comes as a dry mix). The renders are very stable in UV light, meaning that once applied to the wall, the colour will will last 25 years+ without fading.

7 – Modern day renders are cost-effective

Modern day renders are pretty good value – for all the different components combined (basecoat, mesh, primer and render), you are looking at about £10 per m2.

No. 8 – Silicone and Mineral renders are breathable

When you speak to building professionals or architects they will often talk about the breathability of the building. Basically, what this means is that moist air within the building can be dispersed to the external environment, helping to minimise condensation forming inside the property. Condensation can lead to mould and rotting occurring in the building, so obviously if that is minimised it is a good thing!

Our silicone and mineral renders are breathable – this means water vapour can cross through the surface of the silicone, which is a huge benefit to the building.

A happy customer!

It is not often we write blogs like this – normally we are trying to explain a specific feature of the system, or talk about some new product or other – but we thought this story was worth sharing!

Anyway, this morning, Nick was helping a potential installer down on the shop floor. It was a pretty standard chat to be honest, talking about the different system components, training, what other systems the guys had used before, and so forth.

At that moment another one of our new installers came in and said to Nick that our render was the best he had ever used. Now, we don’t know if he was looking for better prices, but talk about perfect timing! I also hasten to add that no brown paper bags were exchanged!

Better than that, it is great to know that the journey we started 3 or 4 years ago launching EWI Pro and EWI Store may work out alright. There is nothing worse than trying to sell a duff product, but the feedback we get from our installer network is that our materials really are second to none.

Also, unlike some of the big boys in the market, we can get materials to you the next day 99% of the time, including coloured renders, which are mixed at our warehouses. We have the capacity to mix 500 buckets of render a day with our colour mixing machines – enough to cover about 5000m2.

We pride ourselves on the quality of products and the great service we provide.

Not too bad! Not too bad at all!