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Mineral Wool and Acoustic Insulation

When choosing to install external wall insulation, a lot of people want more than just the standard thermal benefits that these type of systems offer – which is where our Mineral Wool insulation systems come in.

Rockwool Mineral Wool is one insulation material with a multitude of high-performance characteristics; not only does Mineral Wool have a low thermal conductivity, but it’s also breathable, non-combustible and it has acoustic insulation capabilities. This means that when you’re choosing to install our Mineral Wool system, you are getting more than just your average EWI system.

Noisy neighbours, road traffic and harsh weather conditions can be a frustrating source of noise pollution for many homeowners. Being able to control the temperature and sound within our home environment goes hand-in-hand with our wellbeing; acoustic insulation is, therefore, a necessity to ensure comfort.

In today’s blog post we’re going to be discussing how you can achieve acoustic insulation and thermal benefits with Rockwool.

How Does Rockwool Acoustic Insulation Work?

Rockwool Mineral Wool insulation is made from spun volcanic rock. Because stone wool is a dense material with a fibrous structure, it inhibits sound waves and produces a muffling effect. Rockwool insulation therefore absorbs and dampens sound waves; this includes noise pollution not only from airborne sound (noisy neighbours and cars) but also from impact sound (strong winds, heavy rains).

Our Mineral Wool external wall insulation systems create an envelope around the entirety of the property. Because the system is completely seamless and without gaps, this means that your home is protected against both heat loss and external sources of sound.

Acoustic Insulation with a Decorative Finish

Our Mineral Wool insulation systems are installed using adhesive and mechanical fixings to the external walls of a building. A basecoat is then installed to the external facings of the board to create a smooth surface before a decorative render is applied to a) seal the system in against the weather and b) create an attractive finish.

We offer a range of solutions to achieve a decorative finish with our Mineral Wool insulation systems. Our thin coat, silicone-based renders are the topcoat of choice for homeowners. Silicone renders offer self-cleaning capabilities, which means that your external wall insulation system is fully equipped with thermal performance, acoustic performance, breathability, non-combustibility and self-cleaning capabilities.

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