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What are my House Render Colour Options?

Redecorating your house with coloured render can work wonders for giving your property a facelift and a refresh. With so many brands out there offering such a vast array of house render colour options, how can you ever really be sure what you are signing yourself up for? While the actual render colour may be nice – is the render itself suitable for your property?

Here at EWI Store, we have a range of renders which are all suitable for different properties and customer requirements. We pride ourselves on being able to offer render solutions for a large array of buildings. Better yet, our house render colour options are unbeatable because we have render mixing facilities on site – so if you don’t fancy the standard colours on our colour chart we can mix up something special for you!

What type of House Renders can you Get?

Here at EWI Store, we offer a wide range of thin coat coloured house renders, all of which can be tinted using our highly calibrated colour mixing machine. Our thin coat renders can provide your house with numerous benefits…

Acrylic render: Acrylic is what most people think of when they think of thin coat coloured render. It is most renowned for coloured render because it is so great at holding onto the colour pigment (think of the vibrancy of acrylic paint). Acrylic render is very impact resistant, so if you have kids who love kicking footballs against your walls acrylic render is right for you!

Silicone render: Currently, our top of the range thin coat house render is our Silicone render. Silicone render offers unsurpassed breathability and vapour permeability (it will allow water vapour to escape through it, thereby preventing damp). The inverse of this is that it’s also hydrophobic, so there’s no chance of water getting in. Silicone render is also self-cleaning, so it’s definitely the house render to choose if your house is situated in an area where there are lots of trees and plant life.

Silicone Silicate render: Silicone Silicate is very similar to silicone in that it offers excellent breathability and vapour permeability. The only real difference between the two is that Silicone Silicate will only offer a limited amount of resistance to organic growth. It’s therefore better suited to properties that do not require a high level of self-cleaning capabilities.

Mineral render: Mineral render is a great choice if you live in a particularly harsh climate. Because of the fact that it’s fast drying, it can be installed in cold or humid conditions, nevertheless, it does require painting with a silicone paint after it has dried to prevent the formation of lime bloom – which is essentially like a cement ‘disease’ which makes your house render appear patchy.

How does Grain Size affect House Render Colours?

When choosing their house render colours, many people don’t realise that their choice in grain size can affect the way that the house render colour may appear. This is because grains within the render can create a shadowing effect. The larger the grain size, the darker the house render colour may appear. We have a complete guide to render grain sizes so have a read!

Monocouche House Render Colour Options

Because monocouche is a thick coat render, the monocouche house render colour range is slightly different to our thin coat renders. You can check out our monocouche colour options by ordering one of our thick coat render colour charts. Our monocouche colour charts clearly display our shade range by offering a sample of the actual render which has been set within the colour chart booklet.

What are the Benefits of Coloured House Render?

Decorating the exterior of your home can have numerous benefits for your property. Going for a neutral or even bright house render colour can give your property the facelift that it needs and make it stand out to potential buyers.

We’ve seen hundreds of properties go through transformations, from shabby pebbledash and peeling old render to fantastically fresh and brand new looking exteriors. It’s worth investing in and will ensure that you come home every day to a house you feel proud of!

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