Choosing Your Perfect Silicone Render Colour

After reading about all the amazing benefits rendering your home can provide, you have come to the conclusion that Silicone Render is the render of choice, but with all the available colour options you can’t decide what to choose.

Fear not, you have come to the right place! In this blog I will be discussing our Silicone Render colour range here at EWI Store.

We have an extensive range of colours because we are able to colour match any RAL or NCS colours. This means we have a highly competitive range when compared to other render suppliers. We take colour matching seriously and can match even the finest nuance of colour.

Silicone Renders are an ideal choice when colour longevity is an important factor to you. Our range of Silicone Renders come pre-coloured and have self-cleaning and anti-bio growth properties which means your colour will stay clean and bright for longer. Our Silicone Renders are also UV resistant which helps prevent colour fade.

Is white too bright?

Many people choose to avoid a pure white render in fear of it appearing too bright in the summer months. Luckily, we are able to offer a range of white and off white shades including but not limited to Pure White, Platinum, Ice, Ivory and Linen.

To see our full online range please take a look at our Silicone Renders. Choosing an off-white shade may be what you are looking for as this will give you that clean white finish whilst not being as bright as the brightest shade.

If you do opt for our ‘Pure White’ shade then you can choose between grain sizes of 0.5mm-3mm. This texture may give your white a more diffused look preventing the shade reflecting too much light in the summer months.

Looking for something bolder?

Perhaps you are looking for a dark grey or a bright orange, whatever you are looking for we have got you covered!

Something to consider when opting for a more unusual colour choice is ensuring that this colour will complement the surrounding area, don’t worry if you make a mistake choosing a colour though, as you can always cover this up with our coloured Silicone Paint.

Fancy Mixing it up?

Maybe you do not just want one colour, maybe you want to enhance a particular part of your house. Why not choose a contrasting colour, like black against white, or if you are feeling really adventurous, blue against orange?

If you are still unsure on what colour to choose, try out our Colour Render Tool. This tool enables you to test out different render colours on real photos of your home. If you need a bit of help figuring out this tool, then check out our YouTube Tutorial.

Colour Guides

If you are interested in our Silicone Render, we have paper colour charts which we give out for free to help give you a visualisation of the colour, just bear in mind that these charts are not a 100% accurate representation as these have a smooth finish.

If you are looking for an accurate colour representation, then consider visiting us in-store to have a look at our colour sample chart or buy one online at This chart is more accurate due to the grainy texture and the fact they are made from our actual render.

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For more information consider watching our YouTube video

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