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Render Colour Chart (Paper)

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The paper EWI Pro colour chart is available for displaying our wide range of thin coat render and paint colours!

EWI Pro’s broad range of colours are displayed in print for the first time. Our paper colour chart is ideal for helping customers choose the right colour for their homes; we understand that choosing a coloured render for your property is a big decision, that’s why our colour chart is designed to be able to help you make this decision with ease.

The paper colour chart is intended for displaying the flat appearance of our colours in print. This does not demonstrate the texture of the renders.

Why use a Coloured Render Colour Chart?

It is possible to view our coloured render range on our website, however while these pictures are as accurate as possible we cannot guarantee that they they look the same online compared to in real life. This is because the colours may vary from monitor to monitor due to a number of factors, including your monitor settings and where your computer is situated. That’s why we always advise customers to order a paper colour chart. We have matched the colours on the chart as closely as possible to real life render swatches to ensure accuracy.

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