waterproof render

Modern technology has enabled us to manufacture highly waterproof renders, and the demand is for them is high.

We’ve spoken a lot about how old-fashioned sand and cement renders are renowned for causing problems with damp – they’re essentially an accident waiting to happen. The render itself eventually becomes waterlogged and full of cracks, which causes never-ending problems, and in some cases structural issues.

This means that when homeowners actually get around to re-rendering their property, they want to upgrade to the strong stuff that won’t crack and is highly waterproof.

For areas that are continuously wet and damp, careful consideration should go into which modern render you choose. If your existing render is ineffective, these kind wet of conditions can have a visibly negative effect on the building and the appearance of the render itself, with excessive organic growth sitting on the surface of the render and mouldy damp patches on the internal walls.

For these kinds of situations, we have the perfect render!

Choosing a Waterproof Render – The Premium Bio Silicone Render

The Premium Bio Silicone Render is our most hydrophobic render. It is incredibly waterproof, which means that water is repelled from the surface of the render rather than being absorbed into the material. When water hits the surface, it forms droplets that roll straight off.

This significantly reduces the formation of organic growth and problems with damp over the lifespan of the render, keeping it looking fresh and clean for longer. To further support the prevention of damp, Premium Bio has also been manufactured to be very flexible, crack resistant and impact resistant. It’s therefore far less likely to form cracks that will enable the passing of water through the walls.

As we have previously discussed, silicone-based renders (such as our Premium Bio Silicone and our classic Silicone) are known for being both waterproof and breathable; breathability is an important factor for ensuring that moisture can easily escape from the building. Water vapour can build up within a building, and so a balance between ventilation and permeable building materials must be created in order to ensure that damp does not become a problem.

Premium Bio Silicone Render comes in a variety of grain sizes to achieve the texture that you prefer, and it can also be tinted to create any shade of colour.

How to Install Waterproof Render?

A waterproof render needs to pair with a waterproof, breathable and high strength basecoat. This means that our Premium Basecoat is the best thing for the job.

The Premium Basecoat is trowelled onto the substrate to form the reinforcement layer, with a Fibreglass Mesh embedded within it. The Premium Bio Silicone Render is then applied on top once the basecoat has set.

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